Tuesday 1st July

So, yesterday was the last day of school, which means today is the first day of summer.

Me and Margie have already done A LOT of planning for the fantasy club.  I'm the president and she's the co-president...or vice-president or whatever they're called.  Since Libby was there when we first created it, she became the treasurer, but I don't even know what a treasurer does.  The only totally lame thing is, a whole bunch of the members are going away on vacation for the summer so I guess we'll have to wait a couple of months before doing some really cool fantasy club things.

Ugh, mum is totally having a fit because I failed phys.ed.  But it's not my fault; it's the system that's flawed. How stupid is it that teachers give us marks because we run around?  I already KNOW how to run.  It's not like I'll forget how to run if I don't do it everyday.  Anyway, mum'll probably punish me by sending me away to stay with Aunt Mildred for the summer.  She always smells like eggs and she puts jam on EVERYTHING she eats.

Hmm, I think I'll ask mum if she'll make me an omlette.

The End

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