Monday, June 30th

Guess what.  I told the others today about the Fantasy Club by passing a note round during History.  EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE wants to join.  I mean, even Mr Starkey the History teacher wants to.  He got the note like totally by ACCIDENT, and we like held our breath and expected the adult-anger explosion.  Then he kinda nodded his head slowly, put the note in his pocket and sat down. 

He told us to get on with our work and called me to the front and I thought I was like totally toast!   But then I looked down at his desk and guess what!  He was trying out names.  I saw Tudor-Dragon and Mediaeval Dragon and Paleolithic Dragon.  Really random, yeah?  They were like, crossed out and he said.  ''Do you think Renaissance-Dragon would suit me?  (I just had to look up the spelling of that one.)    I just shrugged but I'm glad I didn't get a detention again.

Spag Bol for lunch, which sucked.  Got a kebab from the van on the way home and now my breath smells like B.O. 

The End

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