Sunday June 29th

Sunday; sooo boooringg!  So far today, all I've done is go to church.  It was okay I guess.  Me and Margie made farting noises whenever Father Collins sat down, which was pretty funny.  Then I made my brother cry when I stole his piece of Christ and ate it myself.  Mum was pretty angry about that.

Now I'm just hanging around on the front lawn; it's pretty sunny out.  I've just sent Margie inside to find something for us to eat.  I think I see Libby walking up the road towards me.  She lives eleven houses down; we counted one day.  She's also in some of my classes at school. 

She just called out to me; "Hey, Glitter-Dragon!" she said.  That's what I've got people calling me now, Glitter-Dragon, or GD for short, because I am totally the QUEEN of all things fantasy. 

Hey, know what I think I should do?  I should start a fantasy club!  And everyone can be called something different.  Like, Margie can be called...umm, Sparkle-Dragon. Well, that's a bit too close to my name, isn't it?  No, she can be called...Rusty-Dragon or something.  And if Lucy joins she can be called Tattle-Dragon (that's if I even let her join).

Oh, Libby has finally got here and Margie is back with a tub of icecream.  Doesn't look like she's brought anything for herself to eat.

The End

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