Saturday, June 28th

No school today so I stayed in bed till four fifteen in the afternoon.  Got up and got a bowl of Cheerios and took them back to bed.

Got up and went down the town centre to meet up with Margie even though she's grounded.  We saw Joe Meecock and his mate who goes to The Thatcher City Academy,  in the arcade.  His mate is HOT!  I don't fancy Joe anymore anyway now his nose is all red and lumpy.  Yuck!  I think his mate is called Seb and he lives opposite the travel agents shop.

Margie came back to mine and we had another bowl of Cheerios and watched the telly.  It was so funny and random when the news came on and we saw Margie's mum appealing for whoever had her to let her go.   ''Margie.  If you're watching, we love you and we won't rest until we've found you.''  Margie covered the TV screen in Cheerios at that one hahaha.

My brother Mark said maybe we should ring Margie's mum and tell her - stop her worrying.  What a random idea.  Nine year olds are so babyish and lame and random.

Had another bowl of Cheerios just now.  Finished the box. 

The End

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