Friday, June 27th

I'm writing Friday June 27th because I havenn't decided what happenened yesterday.   So many things to do.  In fact I've decided that Thursday, June 26th just isn't going to happen. I'm  just going to skip right through until Friday.  Like my friend Seldom in biology class, that's how I roll.

My best friend Margie and I were going to chill tonight but she's hanging with her new friend, Zack.  I think they fancy each other.  Margie and I have been friends since her Dad died and her Mom had to go away.  My parentslet her stay with us for a month and we've been friends since we were six.

I suppose you probably think I'm angry and I'm going to do something immature like punch Zack in the face for stealing my friend like that.  No.  Zack's a decent guy and he sometimes carries my books and Margie's.  I called Margie's mom and told her that Margie had an abortion.  Margie's grounded for a month.  I think her mom's going away again.

I'm not too hungry right now because I just had four pizza pops.  I can really eat.

The End

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