Thursday, June 26th

Mum did go mad at me. She decided That if I liked blood so much I should go clean up at the slaughter house. I said yeah right, she said u start Saturday... ha ha ha... I think.

Joe came found me in my maths lesson, we were learning how to count the stars. It felt like an impossible task as it was sunny and no stars out! Mr Mackay must have agreed as he fell asleep and let his druel drip over the desk and onto the floor (which Mary Turrows slipped haha)

Anyway, Joe told me he had seen my knickers in assemberly and I said thats funny cause I am not wearing any! He laughed, and I got a detention for making him laugh! Of all the things. Anyway, he left and touched my hand!



We had moving spaghetti today... worrying.

The End

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