Wednesday 25th June

Mrs. Wobble woke up from her coma pretty quickly.  I like to think it was because me and a few other students got together and composed a nice song for her.  After we played it for her, the doctors made us leave but I thought I heard Mrs. Wobble mention to the doctor how much she hates teaching music to children and if it might be possible for her to stay in the hospital for a few extra days....or weeks.

Joe Meecock and his oaf friends came up to me today in the hall and started making fun of me because I fancy him.  It made me a little angry so I punched him in the nose.  Then I kissed him and ran away.  Now I think of it, it would have been better to kiss him first, then punch him in the nose; that way I wouldn't have gotten blood on my best blouse.   Mum'll kill me.  Anyway, I've got dention tomorrow for punching Joe.

I better run; the detention I got for burning Lucy's schoolbag starts in five minutes.

Had mystery meat for lunch in the cafeteria today.  Hoping to have something edible for dinner.

The End

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