Wednesday 25th June

Gran left today. I couldn’t believe it – she actually went. I’ve decided not to answer her when she calls; she said she’d text me and I know she thinks she’s all-that but she’s only my mother’s mother and embarrassing to boot. Bobby Waters lives near her and spies on her all the time so he can tell everyone that my gran is a hippy-flip-flap. I’m not even going to call her Gran anymore – she will now be known as Fried-Onion; I hate that and it stinks.

     This is Soup Week, apparently; so far, we’ve had: carrot & orange, leek something-or-other, mulligatawny (which was actually great), and chick pea & lemon. I live in a very strange world; it’s all experiments and runaways. Next week we get to present our projects. I can’t wait till they see mine – it’ll blow them all right out of the water!


The End

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