Saturday, July 18

I saw Jake today! I was doing the boring food shopping in town with mum and he was there on a bus with all of his friends. I waved to him and he looked at me, but he didn't smile or anything. I reckon he was blown away by my beauty. Mum asked me who I was waving at and I stupidly said "Margie" I don't want mum knowing I have a crush! I'd never hear the end of it! Then she replied "Isn't Margie in Florida with Sophie? And I thought you two weren't friends anymore." I moodily replied "That was so last week, mum! We're the best of friends now and she got back yesterday." To which she sighed "You girls and your tiffs" Whatever tiffs is. I thought about it and realised that a tiff was a type of hairstyle that Elvis used to have. Thinking of Elvis made me want fast food so I asked mum to take me to Burger King and she did. Seeing Jake made me slightly better, today. It's only a matter of time before we're together! Then Margie and Silly Sophie Smith will be SO jealous I have a boyfriend who's 15 and three quarters. I've just looked under my bed and found a chocolate bar left behind from Margie's Pig Pyjama Case. It's a Bounty bar, but in a moment of chocolate craving what else can you do?

The End

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