Phone Call To Hell

Dear Diary,

                   Today I took a bus to the other side of the town and found a payphone. I went in, closed the door and took a deep breath. I was going to need all the help in the world with what I was about to do. I closed my eyes, but only briefly, dropped the money in and began to dial.

"Hello?" said a shaky voice through the phone.

"Hi mum." My voice sounded dry and all monotony.

"Oh my..." her voice drifted off and she started to wimper in the background. "Are you okay? What's happened? Why did you leave?Why? Why?"

"Stop!" I almost yelled down the phone.


"Mum, I'm fine. I left you a note about why I left anyway. Didn't you read it?"

Why was she acting like this? This was not the mum I knew.

And then it clicked.

She was like putty in my hands.

She was scared and I had all the power.

"Mum, I've got to go now. I'll call you whenever. okay?" I slammed the phone down so that she couldn't respond.

It was only then what a dump I was in. The phone box had some of the glass panels smashed and empty bottles and litter lay on the floor.

I began my journey back to the place that I had to call home thought about what I had done.

In the end I decided that for what it was worth, I should just keep shouldering on. And that's what I'm doing.


The End

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