Gone Missing

Dear Diary,

    Today, we were watching the T.V, and I suggested we watch the news. We play fought and I won the remote in the end. Giggling and sat on top of Charlie and changed the channel.

I was so shocked by what I saw, that for a moment I couldn't move.

"Oh my god!" I said after a few stunned moments. "This cannot be happening! Aughh!"

"Get off!" said Charlie playfully as I slid of to sit on the couch next to him. "What is it now? You are such a drama queen!"

"Shut up and let me listen!" I said, whacking him with a pillow.

The report went on to say how I had run away from home and left everything behind. Then a video of my mum came on screen, begging, pleading, crying for me to come home and resume normal life.

I pointed the remote toward the T.V and pressed the off button.

"Are you okay?" asked Charlie.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll live. Just, erm, give me a minute?"I said. "Please?"

"Sure thing," he said, disappearing out of the room like a rat down a drainpipe.

I sighed and then realised what I had left her with. That was when I decided.


Tomorrow I was going to call home.


The End

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