Moving In

          Later that day,

Dear Diary,

I looked up at the three story building that looked out of place at what I had been staring at on the way here. The more I looked at it and the surrounding houses, the more I could see that it really fit in here. It looked perfect.

"Let's take a look inside, shall we?" He asked.

"Of course," I said with a smile.

He went to the front door and took out a key from one of his vast pockets. When he put it in the door, he had to lift it up and wiggle it about to get it open. The mighty oak door swung open with a silent swish, to reveal a well decorated interior.

"How did all this stuff get here?" I asked suspiciously.

"The people who left this house here left it all in there. Someone spread a rumour of cockroaches, and they didn't want to trust an exterminator. They simply bought a new house and moved away." Came the answer.

"So how is the electricity paid for? And the water? Where does the money from that come from?" I said.

"The people who officially own the house." He said with a smug smile. I knew what was coming.

"The government?" I guessed.

"All the way!" Came the reply.

And with that, I began the tour of my new home.


The End

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