Flying Low

        Friday 12th September

Dear Diary,

I am really annoyed today! Who do they think they are? I am not sure I am going to be able to keep sane for much longer! I am just so glad that we have a weekend next – I don’t think I can take another six and a half hours straight of pointless shouting and constant chewing noises! It’s repulsive!

What makes it worse, it that the teachers are completely ignoring the entire thing! How can you miss something like that though? It's huge! The teachers aren't blind, but they don't see. They aren't deaf, but they don't hear. Why? WHY?

At least we are all still closer than ever in our group. We kind of have a rule, that if one person falls, every other one will pick them right back up right away. We won't ditch each other! I can tell you that for a fact.

They were picking on us the other day though. Calling us and saying that we were a bunch of losers. I can't believe them! The... the... okay, I'm not that mean.

They won't know what's hit them on Monday if they dare do anything like they did again. I really hate people like that.


The End

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