Wed. 10th September

Dear Diary,

I think I am starting to develop an extreme dislike for these people. The past week or so has been horrendous. My head is reeling from the constant angry vibes that I’m getting from them. They have no sense of common decency.

All the way through lessons today they were interrupting, chewing, shouting, throwing things about and being a general group of pain in the backsides! I cannot believe why anyone would want to doom their future.

I just keep the fact in mind that when I am older, have a really good job and am living my life to the full when I decide to go to some sort of rundown place, possibly a McDonalds, and see them working there, I will probably pee myself laughing.

At least I have someone to turn to when the going gets tough. There are six of us altogether: Ashley, the drop dead gorgeous one; Phoebe, the one who has the most 'blonde moments!', Roxy, the feisty lad-ish one, Cazz, the sweet and sensible one, Paige, the side splitting funny one and I, Sarah, the smart one. We make a really good group together!

On a downer, the snakes (what we decided to call the evil group) are: Natasha, the leader of the six, Heather, the slow and stupid one, Melissa, the one who beats you up if you get in her way, Amber, the backstabber, Hope, the absolutely crazy one and Jessica, the one who thinks she is better than everyone else, but hides it in front of Natasha.

I just hope that I won’t have to deal with any bullying. I wouldn’t be happy if either myself or any of my mates were to be put on the spot and surrounded by them. They are really nasty.

Here's to hoping we pull through!


The End

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