Chapter 2Mature

Carleigh and Annabelle just stared at the television. They couldn’t believe what they just heard! Carleigh was in such shock that she thought she was hearing things. She rewound the television to right before Ryne answered the question, “Wow, um, my best friend from when I was little was Jasmine Andrews,” Carleigh listened much more closely this time. She was right! He really did say Jasmine Andrews!

“Come on, Carleigh, we heard it the first time! We didn’t want to hear it again,” Jasmine said.

“You have got to be kidding me, Jasmine!” Carleigh paused the TV. “You know Ryne Baines?” No one responded. “All this time, you’ve known him? You know that I am like in love with him, and you couldn’t even tell me that you knew him?”

“No, I couldn’t! I couldn’t stand to hear you guys talk about how great he is because he’s not! He’s nothing like what you guys think! He’s nothing like how he acts on TV! I promise you that,” Jasmine said.

“You could have told us that!” Annabelle said.

“I did tell you that!” Jasmine responded.

“You told us that he was the devil, you never said you knew him,” Carleigh clarified.

Jasmine couldn’t speak; she grabbed her coat and purse off of Carleigh’s bed and walked out the door. “Let’s see what else Ryne Baines has to say about Jasmine,” Annabelle hit the PLAY button on the remote.

“Do you and Jasmine still talk?” Kellie asked Ryne.

“No, not really. I’ve talked to her mom a few times this past week or so, but she’s never around to talk,” Ryne said. “Well, that’s what they say. I actually think that she just hates me.”

“What? Why would anyone hate you?”

“I kind of stood her up at my sophomore year homecoming.”

“Well, let’s hear the whole story.”

“Okay, I had an audition for the movie Secret Rush a week or so before homecoming. The night of homecoming, my agent called me and told me I got the part Owen Hunt and I needed to leave to go to California that night. I was overjoyed with the fact that I was going to be in my first movie and I completely forgot that it was the night of homecoming and I left for California instead of bringing Jasmine to the dance,” he explained. “She hasn’t talked to me since.”

“Aw, well, I think that you should give her a call and try to apologize. Or you could try right now.”

Jasmine walked into her house and the television was on the station that Kellie Sanders’ show was on. She picked a pillow up out of the recliner in front of her and threw it at the TV. “Hey!” her mother, Brianna, said. “Don’t throw things around in here! You could break something.”

“What I’d like to break is his face,” she whispered to herself.

“What was that?” her mother asked.

“Why is Ryne on every show, on every channel, all day, every day? It’s not fair! He’s a jerk and he acts like a freaking God in front of the damn cameras!”

“He’s a good kid,” Jasmine rolled her eyes. “Stop that! You know he is. He has apologized about the dance over and over again, Jasmine! When he calls you, I want you to answer the phone and talk to him.”

“No! I’m not going to give in to that low life, self-centered, egotistical dickhead! Not going to happen!”

“Stop calling him names. Just talk to him, you don’t have to ‘give in’ to him. Please, baby, just tell him how you feel.”

“So you want me to tell him that I hate him and never want to talk to him again? I guess I can do that. Thanks, Mom.”

“Jasmine Marie, you will answer your phone when that boy calls you or you will be grounded for two months.”

“Not fair, Brianna Justine! I’m tired, I’m not in any mood to talk to anyone actually,” Jasmine fake yawned, “See, night, night!”

“First off, it’s Mom to you. Secondly, don’t give me that shit, Jasmine.”

“What shit, Mom? I don’t want to talk to him. He hurt me!”

“It’s been like three years, Jasmine, let it go.”

        “I can’t just let it go! I got tormented by all those bitches and assholes at that school. Ryne was the only person I had to depend on, and he let me down. I would never have ever done that to him. He was my best friend, and I was supposed to be his!” Jasmine ran upstairs. She went into her room and jumped onto her bed, burying her head into her pillow; then her phone rang.

The End

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