The Moments After..

I was floating. I didn’t know how, or why, but I was in the sky. Floating. I could here everything, and anything. But in my ears was my family.


Why where they crying? I need to see them..

“MOM?” I shouted, trying to sit up. I couldn’t.

“Mommy?” I shouted again. Where was I? I closed my eyes and opening, finally seeing.

I wasn’t on Earth. I was above it. Watching it. And there I was. Dead. A run over Emily Rose Jones on the ground, a SUV off to the side.

My Mother was hysterical, shouting. My sister, Caroline was trying to wake me up. Daddy, he was, I’m not sure..upseat. Of course, his emotion was pure sorrow. Almost nothing else.

A women, a EMS by the looks of this, took my pale hand in his, and counted. She looked up at my father and frowned. I was dead.

How was I watching this, and not in Haven? I’m not sure. Perhaps God makes you watch you death scan. Who knows? I don’t.

My father looked away, and walked to my mother, wrapping her in his arms. My sister was taken away, to a neighbors.

“Caroline?” I whimpered. She was ten years old. She didn’t need the memory of her big sister dead.

My body was lifted onto a stretcher and put into a ambulance, the same EMS who took my pulse was sobbing.

The ambulance drove away, like a car taking me to my burial. Which one would be doing soon enough.

The End

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