The Diary Of A Dead Girl

Emily Rose Jones had everyone she wanted, tell one day she was killed. Now she watches life unfold after her death, seeing her family, friends and killer go on with life. Like she was never there.

                                            THE DAY OF EMILY'S DEATH...

Emily Rose Jones walked out of her upscale house, in an upscale neighborhood. Not knowing that would be her last time shouting at her mom to leave her alone, now she wished she could take back those words. Too bad.

Pulling her headphones into her ears, she flipped to Tom Peatty’s Free Falling. Smiling, she want to cross the street.

The neighbors across the street, the rember, from the speech given at Emily’s funereal, the moment very well.

Emily stood at the curb, watching for traffic. When it was clear, Emily crossed, not seeing the black SUV coming out of nowhere.

The neighbors say her scars haunt their dreams. I guess they would.

Because I’m Emily Rose.

The End

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