“So what your telling me is that some hoodlum shot you through the heart and you almost ….died?” his face was almost humored at the word ‘died.’

“Yes” I responded calmly 

“alright …” he was deep in thought. 

“Eden,” he started, then laughed a bit. “Do you remember the night.” he hesitated “the first night after I got you, and we were so hungry, and I decided to rob thatreally old, run down convenience store?” 

That night was so full of confusion and adrenaline I remembered it well. 

I chuckled. “That …was such a mess” I spoke quietly 

“Yeah,” he said in a dry tone “Well that insane woman who was at the register wouldn’t let me at the money very easily.”

The flash back flooded my mind. The image of my brother trying to politely ask for the woman to step out from behind the counter so he didn’t have to cause any unnecessary harm. The woman then calling him a string of impolite names and promising to kill him if he came any closer. It was funny because Gabriel, in his awkward way, was trying to be kind to this woman, while she thought he had completely lost his mind. 

“Oh yes,” I said serenely, enjoying the memory. “she was a gem.” 

“I was just trying to be nice…” he said quietly, almost under his breath. “and then she shot me! I was trying to be polite and this woman shoots at me!”

“Well I remember being terrified at that point, because I didn’t know if she was hurting you.” I broke into his verbal thinking. 

“Exactly!” he snapped back to the point “but I just walked through the bullets calmly, despite you screaming your head off for her to stop, and I was perfectly fine!” 

“Yes,” I hesitated to agree “but that was different this bullet went straight through my…”

“EDEN!” he shouted. “she shot me at POINT BLANK range, several times, I’m sure one of them went though my chest!” 

“I suppose” I mumbled.

“Ya see?” he said with his favorite smug face. 

“Okay then, Tell me Gabriel, what the hell happened out there tonight?” 

“Welp” he said spinning around on the barstool. “I don’t really know, nor do I care, to be honest”

‘Jerk’, I thought 

“You seem perfectly fine right now. So unless this is a reoccurring thing I say we just forget it and move on.” he finished. 

“Is that the only option with you Gabriel? To just give up? To forget about it?” I spoke with the same saddened exhaustion that I had this morning. 
His face dropped slightly, he struggled for words. 

“That is the only option ….the world has decided to give us.” he spoke with a sincerely heavy heart. 

“For now.” he spoke and almost smiled keeping my eye contact. “There is, as you have always said, hope..” 
He words meant a lot. 

“Anyways,” he said obnoxiously breaking out of the meaningful moment. “What’s the deal with this kid who tried to ‘help’ you? He tried going for your wallet you said?”

“NO! no!” I quickly defended. “He was trying to cover me from the rain! He was so kind…” my mind quickly flashed back to his face, his hair, his eyes…

“AND you mean to tell me that this child helped you in your time of “peril.”’ He chuckled.

“Yes Gabe, this isn’t a joke.” I said, so terribly annoyed. 

“D…Do you want to know what I think?” He said with a smile. “I think that you were so rip roaring drunk that you just passed out in the alleyway and completely imagined this whole thing.” 

“GABRIEL!” I was appalled. “I don’t even drink!”

“You mean you don’t drink anymore?”
There was indeed a time where I had a lot to drink. I had tried so hard to forget that night.

“Oh god, that” I cringed “I don’t even remember why I did that.”

“I do!” he said with a grin and dove into the story with delight. 

“It was after that guy one decided to break up with you because he had “no time” and then about a week later you saw him with some beautiful redheaded girl, and it sent you in to a fit of destruction?” he smiled to remember that incident

I almost shuddered in the pain. He noticed. 

“ Aww. I’m sorry Edy” he hopped of the bar stool and squeezed my shoulders into something that resembled a hug and a headlock. I felt my diaphragm being crushed. 

“okay! Okay!” I gasped for air once he let go. 

“He wasn’t even remotely on your level anyway. You deserved so much better. I know that, and don’t even pretend you don’t know it too.” 

I shook my head and smiled, “You’re dumb Gabriel.” I began to leave the room. 

“ Yeah, I know, …and I just have one more theory for you.” he rushed 

I stopped and sighed “Must I listen?” 

“I listen to you all the time don’t I?” his eyebrow raised. 

I turned around and gave another sigh “Lets hear it.” 

“Are you …sure that it was death? Not just some sort of psycho-somatic sympathy pains you were having for the humans you almost killed?” 
I rolled my eyes “You, more than anyone, should know that I no longer show sympathy towards humans. If they were to all die off I think I would rejoice rather than grieve.”

I threw my coat on the ground, stormed away, and fell into the huge leather chair in the library. The way I usually did when I was mad at the world. 
Gabe followed.

“Oh come on now, don’t hate them. After all they are really our only ….company. As under developed as they are, some of them are quite useful really.”

I gave him a slow and dreadful smile to match my attitude. 
He shook his head, grabbed his car keys, and smiled.

“C’mon kid, it’s been a rough day, let’s go out and get some sushi.”

I just remembered how terribly HUNGRY I was and I just dropped all anger and leapt up.

“Yes, for gods sake.” I agreed. “lets.” 

The End

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