Tired and upset I wondered down an alley that I thaught might be a shortcut to get home faster by foot. Not as if I was hurrying to go home or anything, but I was getting hungry and my forgotten money was getting on my nerves. It was that, and the guilt I felt towards my brother for getting angry with him earlier.

Coming down the alley I heard about 10 or so men walking down another alley that would soon come to intersect with mine. They sounded rowdy. I wasn’t exactly in a mood to deal with them, but I wasn’t exactly in the mood to go out of my nice little shortcut to avoid them. I kept walking on.

I passed them as they turned the corner. They all, of course, made note to my existence with a great deal of noise.


“hey girl, come here for a second.”

I didn’t even look at them.

“oh  I know you not about to walk away from this.”

 I thought. No.

I turned around and walked towards them. It probably wasn’t the best idea, seeing as I was just angry enough to hurt someone and not regret it.

“Hey girl?” one asked

“yeah” I replied in a bored tone

“what you got?”

What? I replied

“you got something? Something we can take for you? Ya know, cash or something?” They asked again

“No?” this was getting dumber by the second. 

“why not?” one asked in front of me.

“I don’t know” I replied even more annoyed. Who the hell were these under developed morons?

“look ….we can handle this the easy way, or we can take this over here.” he grabbed my arm and took me by surprise and shoved me into the brick wall of the alley way. 

That was it, I snapped. 

With almost a single flick of my arm the human was flung against the opposite wall of the alley and fell to the ground in a heap. Everyone of them looked stunned. To make it even better, a whole crowd of then jumped on me, with knives and guns drawn.

How exciting.
One of them cut deeply into my back just below my right shoulder blade.
Big mistake.

I unfolded my wings and with them threw them off my back sending them flying several feet in the air at progressive speeds. The others I dug my nails into so far that I could feel there bones and then flung in every wich way I pleased until they had backed off. Their screams of terror and pain, what a satisfying noise it was. They ran for their lives leaving only my first assailant who had 

“why ….why the hell you so strong?” he stuttered still shocked at what was happening.

Horrid grammar was a pet peeve of mine.

“I don’t know” I growled while walking slowly towards him “why the hell am I so strong?”

I lurched forward at him. Smiling.

“Don’t move!” he yelled. I could smell fear as I approached. I didn’t stop.
He began shooting.

First bullet. Miss.

Second bullet. Though my shoulder. It was a slight sting that healed as quickly and easily as it penetrated through my skin.

Third bullet. It hit true. I didn’t expect it. It went straight through my heart and the strength of it knocked me down. A deep and shooting pain went through my heart to the top of my head and back again. I clenched my chest and fell over in a crumpled pile. The ignorant and attacking humans scattered as fast as there damaged bodies would allow. Cowards I thought. Running can’t help you. As soon as I heal ill destroy them, but the thought of moving was almost enough to make me pass out. Actually, passing out seemed like a wonderful thing to have happen. The pain was unusually strong and it was difficult to breathe. I wasn’t healing very fast. In fact, I don’t think I was healing at all. The pain continues to pulse throughout me. I moaned to relive the pressure in my lungs. That made it hurt worse. I tried to scream but all I was able to utter was a low animalistic guttural noise. Blood slowly began to gather around my face in a pool.

What is going on? Why am I feeling such intense, unceasing, pain? Why am I bleeding? For a while I wasn’t sure I even had blood. The only pain I knew to be worse was that of …..

My thoughts went in and out. My vision blurred. The ground seemed to spin below me. I realized I wasn’t breathing anymore.

I didn’t understand what was happening. I was so confused, dazed, and shocked. Whats happening? I thought.

Is it possible? That I’m …. experiencing…. death. No. That’s impossible. I’m not human. I cannot die.

The pain gave one last pulse that was so powerful it caused me to lose consciousness.

In my existence, I had never come close to death. Death was something I felt highly superior about because it was something that I would never have to experience. That I had escaped the worse thing a human had to endure. I realize now that death is not the worst thing that can happen to a human or to anything that is “alive”. The worst feeling to undergo is fear. Fear is a terribly controlling emotion. It is the underlying factor to most choices we make. Fear keeps living things from doing things that would hurt us. Most would say they are just using “common sense.” I know now that it is fear that controls what we do. Fear runs our lives. Fear of the unknowing future after death. Fear of a fate worse than death. I am ashamed to admit ….that I was indeed, afraid. Perhaps one of the most rational yet irrational feelings is fear. Fear can help and hurt. Fear is truly what makes humans what they are. It’s what makes them so wicked and disturbed. It’s what makes them so vulnerable and so …mortal. As a very wise man once said “There is nothing to fear ….but fear itself.”

My unconscious state broke slightly. Just enough to allow me to see a human figure above me, alone. My eyes struggled to focus. It was hard to tell, but I think it was male. He was very Thin, Medium height, Messy hair that hung around his face. I would have just assumed he was a homeless man but he looked so young, still in his teens, perhaps. His expression was seemingly blank but his eyes were screaming in horror. I stared at him for some time simply studding his face. He spoke to me.

“Are…. you okay?” He spoke in a slow voice.

That was possibly the dumbest thing I ever heard a human mutter. If you see a half dead bleeding creature in an alley way, is that really what you ask? I wasn’t sure if I could even speak to reply. I tried my best.

“That ….is the stupidest…..question….human ………” I was annoyed, which might have impaired my speech to the point of speaking in single words.

“Hmm?” he asked

I focused. “I’ve been shot, you ….mortal. Give me leave a while.”
His face just looked more confused then before. I probably don’t make any sense to him. I tried to make myself as coherent as possible.

“Leave me alone. Do you understand?” I spoke slowly and clearly.

“Yeah ...but…you’re like, dying. Don’t you want me to call 911 or something?” he spoke in a confused tone that was greatly aggravating.
Now you realize I’m dying? I thought.

“No… leave”

“no… ill get you help” he crouched beside me. “what’s your name?”

I didn’t answer. I just looked at him. I’ve never seen someone with such dark eyes.
I rested my head down and took slow shallow breaths and pretended to die. While in all actuality my wounds had healed and I didn’t feel half as bad as I did when I passed out.

I expected the human to just expect I had passed and leave. Maybe call to report a body in the street. But he didn’t leave, nor did I hear him speak. I felt his presence above me still. And he then he sat down beside me. I felt him go for my coat.
What a typical, horrid, human being and at such a young age. What a shame. He was going for my wallet. Or that’s what I thought he was doing.
He raised my coat from my back to cover my face from the cold rain, so that didn’t touch my face. He then moved my arm that was out in front of me under the coat to shield it from the cold. He didn’t leave for a while. He just stayed there. But the storm outside was so violent he had to move. He stood and quietly walked down the out of alley.

Something, very deep in my gut stung very lightly, and then I felt nothing. No pain from the bullet. Nothing. I stood up and was able to walk without any problem at all. It’s as if I was never hurt. I opened my shirt slightly to examine the wound. Nothing but a perfect scar remained. I looked around. No sight of anyone, including the boy. The boy. Not so much a boy, more a young man. He, in what he believed was my last moment on earth, had shown me kindness in the only way he could. Something about his action stayed with me. I had never known a mortal to help someone who would never be able to return the favor. He knew I would die, yet he still wanted to help.

I stood in the alleyway for several minutes contemplating what had happened in the last few hours. How much I had been though. I then realized how dire it was to get back to my brother. If I didn’t meet my death from a gunshot, I would surely meet it with him.

I got out my cell phone and quickly dialed Gabe’s direct line. No answer. That was strange. I took out my other cell and once again dialed his number. I didn’t realize until I looked at my screen that I had missed about 15 of Gabe’s calls. Oh no. He was going to ignore my calls to spite me.

Finally an answer broke though.

“Why, isn’t this nice? My sister who went missing for 8 hours finally decides to call.” He said coolly. His voice was creeping up with anger.

“Gabriel, I…”

“Forgot? Or maybe your phone wasn’t on? Or MAYBE you just have fun making me suffer while I have no idea where the hell you are or if you’re alright….” Fury entered his tone.

“Gabriel, I’m so sorry you were worried but I’m afraid we have a bigger issue at hand….I sort of….”

“…..” there was no response.

“Gabe?” I called.

“Get home, prepare some answers.” 

The End

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