Tied UpMature

“Are the ropes too tight?”

“No, they’re… mighty snug,” I said, smirking at my captor.

“Good, good,” said Calvert indifferently. For he’d taken care to inflict pain on me when tightening the knot. Calvert scratched his head on the muzzle of his gun, trying to think of ways to be clever in his line of questioning. He’d gotten the drop on me, but I wasn’t sure why I was still alive.

“Um… who are you?”

He wasn’t that clever after all. He was too anxious. But even an antsy idiot can kill when his victim is immobile. I wasn’t dead yet, so I decided to play ball. “Nash.”

“What are you, some kind of cop?”

“Used to be. Did Amelia let you into the office, or did you break in?”

I’ll ask the questions, NASH,” said Calvert pointing the gun at me again.

“Sorry,” I lied, “you’re the boss.”

“Why are you here? Who sent you?”

“Well no one sent me, I just know the diamond’s here.”

“So you’re after it too huh? Who else knows you’re here?”

I answered heartily, “Just you and me.”

He paced around a few of the desks, and then walked around behind me. In front of the elevator. I could have swiveled on the chair, but I knew he was coming back.

But,” I began, “It’s getting close to eight. And someone’s gonna come into work eventually, and they’re gonna see all the... spring cleaning you’ve done…” I motioned with my head to the mess that Calvert had made. Office supplies and paper lay scattered, even desk drawers had been wrenched out. “And of course me, tied up to an office chair with a gun to my head.”

Calvert was obviously worried; the way he twitched, the way he sweat. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he pissed himself, he smelled so bad.

“But you don’t know where the diamond is, do you?” I smiled, knowingly.

He was ready to snap. I wondered if he’d ask me how I could be so calm.

“Okay! Where’s the diamond?” Calvert threatened me by putting the gun under my chin.

I looked the man in the eye. The look of fear was tearing him up from the inside out. He made a good show, but even when the stakes were this high, he couldn’t kill a man. He wasn’t going to kill me. I was calm before but now I was relaxed. I took a gamble, and decided to antagonise the unstable, and incompetent thief.

“How can you be this stupid, Calvert?”

“How do you know my name?” he asked getting more worried.

“Oh, take a guess, nimwit! I used to be a cop, remember? I’d say you’ve been here… what, all night? If it wasn’t in the safe, to which you had the combination, why would you keep looking?”

“What else could I do?”

“Obviously Amelia has the diamond! She double-crossed you, you big dope!”

No,” he said nodding his head in disagreement, “No, she wouldn’t do that to me.”

“Are you gonna tell yourself that when you’re in prison?”

It seemed I was wrong. The rage in his eyes suggested he was willing to kill. Under the right circumstances. Calvert pressed the gun into my eye, and I winced with unease.

“How DARE you say that about Amelia? She would never betray me!” he growled.

I don't know how hard he was pressing now, but he couldn't get the gun any closer. 


The End

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