The Diamond

This is a collection of stories told in the perspective of important things(living or non-living) that don't get a lot of credit. (Yo Yo Ma's cello, The Headless Horseman's horse, Paul Revere's horse) Please participate thanks :)


Dare Devil:

I run, faster and faster through the dark, stunted forest. The forest is thick and black. It is like a large, angry mouth with large, angry teeth. The dark clouds looming over the distant, sleepy town close enough to only see the tops of the buildings. On a night like this in a town like this, most humans would be terrified; they do not enjoy the company of Master.

But I am not afraid; I have been here for a very long time with Master. He has business in this town where he needs to use me many times. I Run more and more; the dark dirt ground disappear from my hooves as I gallop. Master pulling harder and harder at the black leather reins grabbing at my glossy neck. My mane is flowing in the wind like a bird as I gallop faster, breathing so hard and rhythmically that I feel like a machine. My eyes are dry yet cold as I watch Master do what he always does.

I notice that there is a man. He is also running. But he is running out of fear, not pleasure like me. He was running from us, his long hair flowing from his soon to be disconnected head. I catch up to this fine fellow. Master takes his long, sharp sword, swinging it around with intense talent and delicacy. The man stops, his knees buckling. His head gently tipping from his bloody neck and slowly fell like an apple on Master's head one spring day.

But of course that was when Master even had a head. He lost it in battle like most masters would an arm or a leg. Most masters would die if they had a wound like that just like the man. But Master is special; he had survived. I love my Master and I love to please Master. He is my friend. He stops me as he realizes that his work tonight is finished. I turn around at his silent command. I take Master home,  but not as fast because there is  no need. I start to think of the time before the battle. Off we ride into the black, fuzzy and all consuming forest and will ride until we are needed again. 

The End

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