Let The Flames BeginMature

I attended a school which was extremely large, and looked tediously industrial. The sight of it sucked all of the colour from my world. I sighed, begrudgingly climing the small amount of steps leading to thefront gate. I walked as quickly as I could through the crowds of students that had gathered around the entrance. I didn't want to be noticed, but for me to wish that, was for me to wish that I could fly.

"Oi, look. It's 'im!" came the loud, cracking voice of Alistair. I turned to see a tall boy towering over me. He wasn't the usual school bully; he wasn't incredibly over-weight (just mildly); he didn't have a shaved head and a 'tough-guy' facade plastered to his face. He had tan skin, long, wiry black hair and boring, brown eyes which were under a pair of thick, dark eyebrows. He had a large nose that seemed to curve toward his mouth like a beak.

I prepared myself for the torrent of insults that were likely to be thrown my way. I looked back up at the school, wishing that I could just walk in there without being followed, but I knew that would be the following result. So I stayed and waited for him to get it all out of his system.

He began to call me names, calling me short, and 'gay'- an insult that made no sense at all. He was the only one to ever say that about me, and it confused me as to why he'd call me that.

I barely spoke, and when I did, it was only to tell him to 'f**k off', which resulted in him claiming that that was my only retort. Which it wasn't.

"Piss off." I said, and walked into the school.

Ahh, how I loved being a teenager.

The End

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