The Diabetic KidMature

Josh was twelve years old. Just twelve...
He likes to draw, read and write; he can play the piano and the guitar-- oh, and he's got Diabetes.
Throughout his school years, he gets by, ignores the countless cases of bullies and gets on with his medical needs.
But when the school is in danger, he's the only one that will step up and save it.
Will his illness be his downfall? Or will this mean something much more...

I heard the low sound of the Television erupting from the front room into my room. I drowned it out with ease, as was usual for me. I was good at drowning things outm and at being invisible. I looked down at the object in my hand. A small, white plastic triangular cover, with a needle encased inside it.

A long, slender injection was gripped in my other hand. The light rebounded off of the metallic colour of it. I twisted the needle onto the injection, took a deep breath, and slowly slid the needle into the soft skin of my stomach. I barely felt any pain; the only reaction which used to cause distress used to be the surprise, but I had gotten over that.

This was the normality that I lived outside 'normal' people's lives- my uniqueness was my normality. It was a tedious way to live, but it was the only option in my life. It got in the way a lot, but without it, my life wouldn't exist.

It was a Wednesday. It was eight o'clock in the morning, and I was ready and dressed for school. I did my injection straight after inhaling my breakfast ravenously. My boring, black, bland school uniform was one of the worst things about school. It only added to the utter boredom that followed school.

"Josh! You ready yet?" my mother's voice echoed into my room. I sighed and put my injection away before grabbing my backpack and trudging unwillingly to my front door, ready to leave.


The End

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