The Devil's PlaygroundMature

I use to laugh I use to play

 With an authentic wonderment Embracing life each day

 There was so much innocence

 My burden was light

No offenses to my senses

 Everything was alright

 But as  I grew older it seemed the child inside

 Assaulted by a harsh seemed to run and hide

 When this happened I felt an empty void within

No light no laughter But a dark pit I fell in

Depressive thoughts tormented Attacking my brain

 I just wanted to sleep I thought it would keep me sane

 Desperate for diversions Anything would do

 If it will numb this pain I was now going through

 I met up with others My homeboys in the hood

 We seemed to connect They said they understood

We hooked up daily Unbeknownst to me

The playground of the devil

 Where misery loves company

 I smoked pot habitually- inhaling Absorbing it dry

Soon bored by the results I needed a new high

 So I chased down connections Straying far from my home **(IGNORING MY BELLS BEEPEN WARNING DANGER ZONE)****

Thugs spotted me cash Upfront, real nice guys **(IGNORING MY BELLS BEEPEN IT WAS ALL A PACK OF LIES)! ****

Forsaking everything Now a duel monkey on my back

In debited to dealers, free basing crack

And then upon my foreboding Ongoing bed of Fear

I called out to God!! Take away my fear

Instead I landed in dry out To FACE all my FEAR

 When my  head started to clear up And the fog started to go

I thought about the devil’s tactics

Coz He speaks what he knows

"Quick fixes – fast money- coke up the nose"

In the devil’s playground You think you know the rules

But this is where you find out You’re just another used fool!

Exploited for unrighteousness Being deceived isn’t cool

When the devil is your teacher in "Chain and bondage School"

Now I look to my family The ones who truly love me

 Like Angels along the sidelines Beacons of light believing in me

 And every time I get down

Depressive thoughts make me sad

 I remember the reflection in the eyes of mom & dad

They reflect  back a light of what is truly real (MY BELLS BEEPEN LOUDLY NOW THIS IS THE REAL DEAL)

Only Love holds the power The devil knows this too!

 But he isn’t going to reveal this awsome truth to you.

 He invests is your weakness’ Although he'll never tell

So you’ll keep drinking From his empty well

But love invents she's triumphant  Courageously challenges us on

 Gives us a new rhyme a hope filled song

So that is my story I must say this is true

There is nothing more authentic than

"My son I love you"....

To my son...  5 yrs in sobriety!!


The End

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