The Devil's Girl

I'm just sitting here... I guess. So was he, then again, he was dead. Come to think of it, I've gotten far in the three years I've spent with the devil. When I was 13 I had a family, a warm house, good food, nice clothes. Now... well, what postion am I in now? Let's see I have dirty clothes, hardly any food, and no permenant house because every single dump I've been forced to call home we dirtied it up then left because they might find us, they being the police or whoever made the Devil mad. Or maybe just maybe, it's my family, if their still alive. All I remember was I went to sleep my bed and woke up in his. Now I control my own life not the Devil. I'm... free. But not for long some moron looked out his window and called the freakin police. I don't think anyone would recongize me in my greasy Dr. Pepper Tee and ripped skinnys. I don't think I"ve got an education better than a freshman's. Through all the crap I've been through it's hard top belive I'm still alive. Life sucks and mines no exception. I just realized I was running and now I'm stopped in front of an apartment. Cold Case is on the TV and there talking about........ Me. I think. "3 years ago thirteen year old Rae Butcher was snatched right out of her room..." Wow. I totally forgot my name. Rae, that was it right? He just called me Girl. And then Butcher, well, that's just ironic. I felt dizzy all of a sudden. I need help. I knocked on whoever the heck's door this is and sat down until they opened the door. Even though thhis shirt is a size too small it's to big for my stomach. A little girl opend the door and asked who I was. Her mom came to the door, saw me and asked who I was. " I don't know, I think I'm Rae Butcher, but....." She slammed the door. So much for that. I just began walking, and walking. Then their was a sharp pain in my chest. Oh crap. It can't happen now I don't have my inhaler. I fell down right outside of and apartment and struggled to scream. Sure enough it came out, faint, but someone had to have of heard it cause when I woke I'm sitting in a hospital. A police man was asking me about the Devil's body. This is it I can tell somebody. " My name," I started out," is Rae Butcher. Yes I killed the Devil." "The Devil?" He laughed. " You don't know what he did to me." I said and just like that, I'm out cold. Man, they think I'm crazy cause they put me in a mental ward.

The End

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