The Cursed Realm

Rubbing her eyes, Mira gave a heavy sigh.

Sitting at the black school desk, she looked over the information of a human school. Her father was sending her to the Human Realm.

As red eyes scoured the acceptance letter from behind her, the black haired girl gave a growl, before turning and snarling at her schoolmate, who jumped back.

It was her last day of middle school. Her last day in the Cursed Realm.

"So...'Uman Realm, eh?" This was followed by a sort of melodic laughter. Her best friends were sat either side of her. Their names were Willow and James; otherwise known simply as 'The Twins'. Both had regular bloody red eyes, like lots of the demons in the school. The unusual thing about them was that they had soft blond hair.

Willow's was tied in a long plait, weaved with dead roses. Leaning forward on her hands, Willow looked at her curiously from her right. Her eyes were brighter than James'. Her own were scarlet, while his were crimson. A strong hand patted her shoulder firmly from her left.

James' hair was pulled into one of the shortest ponytails you'd ever seen. He grimaced at her, showing slightly yellow, sharp teeth. He had discarded the black blazer of their uniform, and had the black tie tied around his head, making Mira roll her eyes. His red shirt was hanging open, and his black-clad legs were resting on the back of the boy's chair in front of his own.

"I feel for you, kid. You've heard all about them and their Realm from H.S., right?"

Mira scrunched her nose, nodding. H.S., or Human Studies, was her least favorite lesson. She hadn't listened in most of her lessons, or had skipped them completely. She was in trouble now.

For the rest of the day, whispers passed from mouth to mouth about the Devil's black haired, golden eyed daughter, being transported to the Human Realm.


The End

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