My interests changed from colours to personalities as I got older. I was nothing more than a toddler, but I paid close attention to the faces of the people I heard talking. I saw lines appear on their forehead and their eyebrows go low over their eyes when they didn't understand and I saw tiny droplets of water slide down their cheeks when they were sad. I watched the differences in facial expressions differ between people and decided to look into it. Mommy and Daddy each looked different when they were sad. For example, Mommy cried, but Daddy's face would turn red and get all scrunched up. He would start screaming at the top of his lungs and Mommy would cover her face and drop to her knees.

I was sitting on the orange fuzzy carpet playing with my toys when Mommy entered the room. Her face was red, but she was silent. Not one tear slid down her cheek as she bypassed me to enter the kitchen and make supper. I hesitated before asking her the question ready on my lips because she seemed sad to me. I couldn't figure it out as a child, but I could tell that she was sad despite the fact that she didn't show the same signs as usual.

"What's wrong, Mommy?" I asked her. 

She just shook her head and waved a hand at me. She wanted me to know that she was okay and there was nothing wrong, but she still didn't look right. Her body seemed to slump as she walked and she didn't look at me when I spoke. It was as if she was hiding something.

"Did someone hurt you?" I prodded her for information. There was something strange going on and I intended to find out.

"Daddy and I won't be able to see you anymore. You will be moving somewhere else," she sniffed. She frequently rubbed her eyes, trying to hide the tears.

"Stop crying, Marcia, this is a great opportunity. Our daughter has been chosen to be trained as the greatest weapon the world has ever seen!" Daddy exclaimed confidently. He went to stand beside Mommy and grinned at us both. It seemed mocking considering the situation, but he seemed to be serious.

(To Be Continued)

The End

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