Chapter FOURMature

Chapter Four


Ezra Stone licked his lips, savoring the lingering taste of her as he strode down the long corridor to the library. The only sound that broke up the unbearable silence was the hurried clicks of his boots. He gritted his teeth and clinched his fists to where he drew a tinge of blood. He wanted more, needing to drink in her cries of pleasure for some insane reason. In his rational mind he knew he shouldn’t want to, but he did. The devil take it he did. The urge to go back and retrieve her was overwhelming, pissing him off! She tasted like honey, sweet and innocent. Perfect. Ezra clenched his fist more, swearing through his teeth. That was never his taste before so why the fuck was it now?! He liked—still liked, his women corrupt and disturbingly wrong. Demon women were his preferred choice, the more the merrier. Yes, soulless women were the best in bed, never any disappointment. He repeated this to himself as he walked, trying to convince himself of that fact. Ezra tried, forcing himself to picture one in his mind but kept envisioning eyes the color of ice water… and porcelain skin.

It is fucking useless. 

If Victoria didn’t have such sultry eyes… if her body wasn’t formed like a goddess of temptation he wouldn’t be having this problem. The main issue was, that at this very moment, he was having this insane urge to go back and strip her down and taste every inch of her lush body. His thoughts were dark, screaming at him to go and bring her back! “God’s teeth!” he yelled, his heart pounding with fury from his lack of restraint.

Ezra’s eyes were blood shot, his breathing harsh and his mood was as black as it’s ever been in his long worthless existence. His sanity was wavering, his mind blown into razor sharp fragments cutting into his rational mind. On the outside he looked normal and collected, save for the dark flicker deep in his eyes… and the blood dripping from his fists.

But on the inside...

He took a deep breath then smashed his fist into the library door, wood splinters flying everywhere as it busted off its hinges. Ezra strode into the library heading straight for the whiskey decanter. He poured himself a large amount then took something out of his waistcoat and dripped some crimson substance into the drink. He took a couple of breaths and downed the whole thing, letting the warmth trail down his throat. After a couple of moments he threw his glass into the fire, the flames roaring to temporary life. What in the hell has gotten into him? Why was he letting this Liorian woman affect him? She was off limits.

Off. Limits.

Not for someone like him.


His rising obsession for her was getting unhealthy. From the first moment he saw her he wanted her with some profound need. Lady Victoria, he laughed and stared into the darkness. She has no idea what she is, or who he is for that matter.

She would scream to the heavens above if she really knew who had just almost stole her virginity. Ezra shook his head and laughed coldly, he was that close. He lost his mind completely, which would have been detrimental; Victoria was one woman he could not debauch! 

He ruffed his hands through his hair and expelled a long breath. Oh, but how he wanted to corrupt her. He wanted to do everything to her, to taste her…

Ezra swore then walked over to the large mirror next to the bar and gazed at his gaunt reflection and disheveled hair. She had no bloody idea what she was dealing with, no one did. He closed his eyes and the tattoo on the side of his neck flickered with light. A silver violin instantly manifested on the bar next to him, the shiny surface reflecting the dimmest of lights. Its brilliance rivaled the purest of diamonds for its worth was priceless. He expelled a breath, gazing at the instrument, his hand lightly feathering over the smooth, glassy surface. This was his prized possession, the only thing that ever mattered to him.

On the outside it appeared to be a normal violin but only he knew what it really was. Dismissing the violin for a moment Ezra gazed back into the mirror and noted how shockingly pale he appeared, a sheen of sweat glistening on his forehead dampening some of his hair. His eyes were irritated and his deep purple circles reminded him of what little time he had left.

Tonight he’s going to gamble Victoria’s life for his soul.

Yes, it all fucking started with Victoria’s mother, Assiel. Assiel was the Master of Healing, servant of light. Ezra laughed; his father, Moray, King of the underworld was now dying. He was infected with Assiel’s trickery.

Twenty years ago Moray thought to take Assiel’s soul and contain her power in the hope he could raise the dead, the power of healing being one of the most important powers to possess. Quite understandable. Moray wanted to be invincible against the heavenly forces, to rise above and have his revenge. It was a good plan but Assiel was not going down without a fight, or without an inexplicable plan. Right before she died Assiel shot him with the legendary spear of light, piercing him through the heart.

This was where it didn’t make sense.

His father was too strong to die like that; Assiel was smart enough to know this too. The spear of light would have wounded him greatly but he would of easily recovered with time. The spear was not fatal to demons for it merely wounded them greatly.

Ezra knew the spear was poisoned with something unknown, something vile. He had tried to find out what it was but there were no answers. His father seemed aloof when asked if it could have been something other than the spear. Moray was dying slowly and without hope. Each year he dwindles and the only alternate he claims is Assiel’s daughter. Why?!

Yes, he was aware that Victoria would have the same gifts as her mother but why was Moray so certain she could cure this curse? Masters of Healing couldn’t cure everything.

He gritted his teeth as he stared into the dark room. His father was hiding something. There was more to Assiel’s child that met the eye, he was sure of it.  Ezra looked down as he recalled Victoria’s angelic face and was furious with himself for letting it affect him. She was more beautiful than her mother, if that was even possible. Assiel was known for her beauty and grace, obviously she passed those genes on. He tried to push the memory of her out of his mind. God’s teeth! He needed to be focused, not bloody infatuated. 

It was then that they learned Assiel had a daughter hidden on Earth. She was deliberately hidden. Again, it meant Victoria must have the same abilities as her mother, for the power will live on through blood. Ezra then found out that Assiel gave the child a damn choker; something his father demanded he have. What could the choker do? Well, his father claimed it could cure him. But Ezra knew something bigger was going on, which was why he was now taking matters into his own hands.

Ezra was only a half-breed, his mother being raped by his father. His mother was a Master of light and his father a soulless piece of shit. So little by little Ezra was losing the little soul that he has left, the evil taking control. He needed to blackmail the Liorians into giving him his soul back before he loses it all. For once he does, Ezra will not want saving…

Being evil and loving it.

A tall man came storming through the doorway dressed in English finery, his dark eyes taking in the broken door before he entered fully. Ezra whipped around and smiled at Gadreel, his second in command.

“Ezra, we’re waiting for your orders. Your father cannot wait much longer, you know this,” he reprimanded.

Ezra stood up straight, schooling his features of great sympathy. “I know. You realize I would do anything for my father? How insensitive of me for making him wait,” he muttered, making his voice overly sweet. Ezra’s eyes flickered as he smiled, tilting his head.

Gadreel took a moment then eyed him warily.


 He shook his head, an expression of confusion etched into his face. Gadreel looked to Ezra’s left and spotted the violin, making his eyes grow wide. “Ezra, the v-violin.”

Ezra laughed and nodded his head, pouring another drink. “Yes, isn’t it great?”

“You’re mad,” Gadreel whispered.

Ezra tossed back a whiskey and shrugged. “Matter of opinion. To a mad man I’m completely normal.”

“What do you plan on using it for?! Lord Moray has forbidden any use of that sort of weaponry! Even the Liorians forbid this! You dare defy your own father?” Gadreel breathed, clearly astounded by his actions.

“Defy my father, hmm,” he expressed with without emotion. “The father that raped and murdered my mother then blamed on me? No, I would never do anything that displeased him,” Ezra hissed, his eyes glittering crimson. “And you, my friend, are the worst of them all. I want you all to pay; I’d rather die than help that soulless bastard. I want you all to burn… in… hell.”

“Ezra?” his voice wavered, going down on one knee, his black eyes wide with terror. “Think a-about what you’re doing. You’re in line for the throne, ruling over six legions! You have the chance to beat the heavenly forces so we won’t have to burn in hell!”

“Awe yes, I love that story!” Ezra spun around recklessly, seizing the violin with menacing intent.

Gadreel exploded back, holding out his hand in defense. “Stop this! I can help you!”

Ezra gave Gadreel a humorous look. “Gadreel, fuck you.” he said with vigor. “Have fun dancing in Hell, I hear it’s hot rather down there.” Ezra began to play the violin slowly, calmly, deliberately. The eerie, romantic tune morphed into something alive, monstrous, ominous. The notes contorted into glowing, transparent serpents that slowly slithered on the ground towards Gadreel, fangs bared. The notes reflected the soul of its prey, matching Gadreel’s perfectly. Focusing hard he played every note flawlessly, without error.

“No! Bloody hell it’s not real! It’s not real! It’s not!” He forced himself up and stumbled, trying to run but to no avail. The snakes attacked, feasting on his dark spirit, taking every bit of life out of him almost instantly. It was brutal, Gadreel’s screams of pain mixed with the dark melody echoed throughout the library. The ghostly serpents hissed and screeched as the last of Gadreel’s life was gone.

Ezra instantly let go of the sound making them vanish, evaporating into thin air as quakes vibrated the floor. Pain seared through his whole body like he was being burned from within. Blood dripped from his nose as he started laughing, bracing himself on the bar. It’s not real.

Nice try.

This is hearsay but the only defense against the art of the Periculum is to believe that it is not real, to truly believe with every fiber of your being. But, it has never been done before, that’s why it’s hearsay. Any doubt that Periculum senses will be the death if its victim, for it opens a window to their soul to feast upon. The obvious reason why not one person can overcome the Periculum is because it’s bloody impractical. One can’t believe something is not real when it very much is.

So why is it outlawed? Because, it’s impossible to control, one wrong note will leave a trail of devastation. Killing the musician and everything within a hundred mile radius. Ezra grinned darkly, but the part about it being impossible to control was also hearsay because no one was mad enough to try. He twirled the violin, looked like he busted that myth.

Ezra straightened, taking out a bright purple handkerchief to wipe the blood from his nose. Time to fetch the woman who is his ticket to salvation before the Liorian army catches wind of what’s happening, because once they do, they will be here within seconds.


                         *                      *                    *


Victoria swallowed; her heart was beating slow and hard as she peered at the horror-struck occupants of the ballroom, hearing their fearful murmurs and prayers. Tears streamed down her cheeks, her mind trying to rationalize what was happening. The lights were dim, the large chandelier was swinging from side to side, lighting one wall of the room then the other. It made it hard to make out the creatures holding them hostage. They didn’t appear to be human for they were hunched, having no face from what she could make out. Just the subtle glow of crimson eyes that were watchful. They were no doubt a demonic force; for the amount of negative energy she was feeling was suffocating.

“Quick! She passed out! Dear God my wife, she’s passed out!” Lord Mallory bellowed, his wife’s frail body lying limply on the ground.

“Shhh!” another woman hissed. “Do n-not bring the attention to us, you fool,” she whispered harshly, glancing at the men with bottomless eyes.

Victoria also looked at the men and a slow shiver slithered down her spine. Thirty minutes ago they tortured a captain who was drunk, wanting to pass. She closed her eyes. It was disturbing, not sure if his screams would ever be erased from her memory. It was like they were stealing his soul, his life being ripped it out of his body. God, she’d never forget the look of utter suffering on Captain Anderson’s face before he died. After that, everyone was scared to even move a muscle, some soiling themselves.

Henrietta was tied up in the middle of the room, sitting on a chair waiting for who knows what. Would Ezra come? Victoria closed her eyes when she thought about him. How did she let herself become so taken? Letting him do with her what he pleased?! Victoria’s cheeks heated, thinking about what he had done to her in such a short amount of time. He was dangerous, and making him interested in her was not a good idea. Victoria rubbed her face with her hands; if he wasn’t so mysterious, so alluring in that dark way... If he didn’t possess the most seductive smile she had ever witnessed…

Victoria’s head jerked up as the large double doors opened with a deafening crash; everyone around her instantly tensed. Victoria gasped when she saw Ezra and three other men walking through the entrance.

Ezra looked downright livid. His white shirt was unbuttoned to the top of his chest and his raven hair was in complete disarray. The paleness of his skin contrasted with the deep circles under each eye giving him a dangerous air. He looked frightening, unstable, a man someone didn’t want to cross.

“It’s the d-devil himself,” a horrified whisper came from somewhere behind her.

As Victoria stared, she realized, she shouldn’t find him appealing at all. No. She shouldn’t find his appearance agreeable in anyway. Every bone in her body recognized him as something dark, something evil. It was plain to see that he was the one who the soulless men answered to. He was their leader, which meant he was more of a threat than she originally had thought. God, she shouldn’t find the way he moved to be so…seductive. She felt her pulse jump as her eyes fastened on him. It was like each step he took was so calculated and graceful, oozing with sheer confidence of a lion. The dominance that surrounded him was undeniable.

Victoria bit her lip as she watched him, trying to calm her harsh breathing. He shouldn’t be making her feel as though she couldn’t catch her breath. Why was his deep circles and deathly pale skin having this devastating effect? The man eluded something so dark and erotic that she couldn’t work it out in her head. Her conscious was confused, panting on the ground next to her, wanting to give up!  His sensual mouth hung slightly open like he would smile at any moment but didn’t. God, his pale eyes were narrowed intensifying them more than she thought possible. His thick fringe of sooty lashes made his gaze appear to be glowing from within. Victoria took a breath as her hungry eyes rested on his broad muscled chest, his physical form holding her arrest. Her fingers itched to touch him, to see it felt as hard as rock like it appeared.

Victoria’s eyes traveled lower, to his muscular thighs. His black breeches were sucked to his legs hiding nothing. Heat instantly crept up her neck. She knew the anatomy of a male, seeing many Greek statues in drawings. She took a shaky breath as her heated gaze flickered over him there, and instantly squeezed her eyes shut, scolding herself.

He suddenly laughed making her open her eyes warily.

Ezra stopped in the middle of the room and eyed everyone, his gaze never landing on her, thankfully or he might have seen her guilty expression. He suddenly smiled devilishly producing everyone to whimper slightly. Victoria frowned, seeing a silver violin strapped to the side of his trim hip.

That’s odd.

Ezra’s gaze landed on Henrietta then he slowly walked towards her. 

“P-please don’t hurt my daughter, my L-lord.” The Duke pleaded beside him on his hands and knees. His face was pale, opposite from his usual ruddy complexion. Her aunt had passed out thirty minutes earlier and was being fanned by a colorless footman.

Ezra ignored him making the Duke’s pale cheeks redden. Ezra leaned forward making Henrietta moan in fear, tears sprang out of her sea-green eyes. Ezra tilted his head as he stared at her, the suspense rising. “Happy… birthday.”

More tears gushed from her eyes and she visibly started to tremble.

“Is this your choker? You told me earlier it was,” he whispered in a chilling voice.

She shook her head wildly, obviously going back on what she originally said. The diamond necklace around her neck was shimmering with each shudder of fear. Victoria’s heart stated to pound as she watched, the urge to get up and run was overwhelming.

“Hmm, didn’t your parents teach you not to lie?” he inquired as a slow grin spread across his lips, intensifying his dark appeal. Henrietta looked away, an expression of terror illustrating her scrunched features. “Well, then whose is it?” He arched a brow with a curious expression that was nothing short of intimidating. 

Henrietta whimpered again and started to sob.

Victoria sucked in her breath, would Henrietta tell? Of course she would.

The Duke stood and pointed at Victoria. “It is Lady Victoria’s I tell you!” He took a breath as he staggered toward her. “My brother gave her that damned choker when she was but a babe! I swear it!”

“You don’t say.” Ezra’s shocked expression looked mocking like he was not shocked at all. He turned slowly around to face her, locking eyes with her for the first time since he entered. Victoria couldn’t breathe; she couldn’t do anything but stare.

The Duke stammered, “Y-yes! Henrietta just borrowed it, I put my life on it!” He turned toward Henrietta, “Tell him, Henrietta.” 

Henrietta whimpered again as more tears trickled down her flushed cheeks.

"Henrietta, tell him!" 

The scream startled everyone. Ezra’s sudden laugh silenced the Duke, making him snap his mouth shut.

Leisurely Ezra walked up to Victoria and motioned with his gloved hand for her to stand before him. She swallowed, and then stood, her velvet skirts flowing around her. Victoria was certain everyone in the ballroom could hear the pounding of her heart. Frightened murmurs were whispered around her. Holding up her chin high Victoria met his silver gaze, trying to seem strong when all she really wanted to do was escape, to run away screaming.

“Lady Victoria, it that true?” he quietly questioned; his eyes moving over her face it that unsettling way.

The room was dead silent.

It was almost as though he already knew the answer, making her nervous, and was now second-guessing her plan to play the innocent. He couldn’t possibly know, could he? She looked up into his face and lost her nerve, she couldn’t think standing this close to him. Ezra’s eyes were so expressive, unsettling her to the core. He’s reading my mind! He was definitely staring at her like he could. She swallowed, shifting a bit. His gaze was cold, and seemed to last for an eternity.

Victoria glanced over to her uncle and did not mistake the determination in his beady eyes, like he was just waiting to prove her wrong if she thought to disagree. Now it didn’t seem like she had a choice. “Yes,” she barely said and looked down, knowing she had just sealed her fate.

Ezra took her chin and tilted it up, the contact startling her. His gloved hand was warm on her skin making a slow shiver slide down her back clear down to her feet. His mouth twitched, like he felt her shiver and knew why. “Now, that was not so hard, was it?” 

She tried to look away but he wouldn’t let her, holding her chin in place. His thumb moved along her jaw ever so slightly, then padded over her full lower lip, his pale eyes fastened there. Her pulse jumped with each slight movement, her body betraying her as her cheeks heated. Her knees wanted to buckle and her mind wanted to scatter, unable to deal with his nearness.

He met her eyes directly, regarding her too keenly. Her body sought to squirm, her blood was racing faster with each passing second that he stared. Victoria had never experienced being with someone with this amount of magnetic pull, like he was charged from within. Victoria closed her eyes, trying to release intelligent words. “M-my Lord, what do you want with me? I have nothing.” She barely got out and looked up at him.

Ezra tilted his head at her, a dark grin spreading over his lips. He leaned down, his warm breath fanning her neck, his hands locked behind his back. “I told you to use my name, love. If you continue not to use it… I will think of more creative ways to get you to say it,” he mouthed into her hair next to her ear. Ezra continued when she took a sharp intake of breath. “Let me clarify in case you miss my meaning. I will start by lightly kissing your feet. Then, slowly, I will lick my way up to your cafe until I reach the soft skin at your inner thighs… then and only then will I hold you in place…”

“Ezra! Ezra, w-what do you want from me?!” she whispered harshly, trying to stop him from talking, trying to force his seductive threat out of her mind! There was no missing the sincerity of his words for it made her joints start to shake unwillingly. Victoria swallowed, her skin tingling. She tried to talk over her thundering heart but couldn’t, so she closed her eyes in humiliation instead. Her response to him was shameful.

She could sense him smiling when he spoke. “And, I think you should rephrase your question too, unless you’d like me to tell you how much I want from you,” he whispered back into her neck making her blatantly shiver. “But, in the sense you are referring to I will tell you this. I am going to take you. Kidnap. Abduct. Whichever phrase you understand best. Satisfied now love? ”

Victoria prided herself for being a quick thinker for right now she had but seconds to conjure a plan to save her life. Tunnel vision was beginning to set in, her rapid breathing echoed in her head. “M-may I wear the choker?”

Ezra leaned up and frowned down at her.

“I feel naked without it,” she confessed softly, despite her screaming mind.    

Ezra took a moment to study her. His pale gaze flickered down her body, resting at the swell of her breasts then back up to her. The glittering of his intense stare lead her to believe that he was picturing just that. She shivered, feeling it like a bold caress. He tilted his head at her then turned and commanded, “Saffron. Give her the choker.”

"Are you sure that's.."

 “Get it.” Ezra’s voice sounded like the whisper of death.

Within seconds the choker was handed to her. Victoria held the precious stone by the ribbon and did not let the stone touch her skin. Time seemed to stand in one place. She slyly glanced up at Ezra’s curious expression — his interest reflected in the crease of his brows as he studied her. He was waiting to see what she was going to do, if it were not for merely just wanting to put it on.

Luck was finally on her side and her mind was made up. A diversion was her only option.

Victoria slowed her breathing, concentrating her mind into complete silence. Exhaling, she searched for her inner energy. This had to work; otherwise she was out of opportunities. Whenever she screamed or produced a sound of extreme emotion when not wearing the choker, she created havoc. Yes, the White Witch was about to live up to her name.

Victoria smiled at Ezra as she stepped back, taking the biggest breath she could muster, focusing her anger up and out of her throat.

Ezra’s eyes widened.

Too late. The sound was earsplitting, the force too strong. Ezra tried to shield his face with his arm but was hurtled backwards, hitting the far wall behind him. The sound had the same effect on the rest of his men, who were also thrown across the room brutally. She faintly noted that the noise seemed to have no effect on everyone else, just Ezra and his men. The people around her took that as an opportunity to run out of the ballroom, screaming for their lives. Victoria’s body felt limp as she tried to breathe correctly, coughing and gagging through her sore throat. Her vision became fuzzy; she had never used so much energy before. A loud crash of thunder erupted from outside rumbling the marble floor under her feet. The sound of rain and hail pounding the mansion’s walls began instantly.

A blinding flash of lightning lit up the towering windows, illuminating the giant ballroom.

Ezra slowly got up, spitting blood out of his mouth as he did so. Victoria’s eyes widened, not realizing how much damage she had just inflicted. His shirtsleeves were ripped and blood stained the outer edges of his mouth. Their eyes collided and she didn’t see anger in their pale depths like she expected. It was more like bewilderment, confusion.

“Ezra! How dare she!” A man with dark long hair hissed, the man’s eyes glowing crimson. He spoke as he wiped the blood from his nose, “I will fix her so she will give us no more problems,” he threatened and a red tattoo on his palm flickered.

Victoria tried to run but her legs wouldn’t move, paralyzed!

Ezra quickly stood and punched the man sending him smashing onto a table, and immediately Victoria felt as if someone had let go of her. “You brainless bastard! You may not use your powers or the Liorians will sense where we’re at! It’s bad enough our little Victoria is using hers, but hers is not as easily detected as ours.” He shot her a glance. “Bravo love, pull a stunt like that again and you can be sure you won’t have the energy to breathe,” he warned slowly moving towards her like she was some wild animal.

“I feel fine, I do this all of the time.” Victoria was not sure why she just lied. “Stay back or I will do it again and the… Liorians… will find me.” She had no idea what she was talking about, just trying to appear like she did.

Ezra wiped his mouth again and tilted his head at her.

“I am leaving now, so don’t follow me.” That sounded ridiculous, she wasn’t very good at installing fear. 

“So you have all if this worked out in your head, do you?” he asked and inched forward so smoothly she barely noticed.

Think Victoria! “Y-you can’t use your powers, which puts me at an advantage.” She stammered, going off by what he said earlier, still having no idea what she was talking about.

Ezra’s eyes sparkled. “You’re a clever girl.” He grinned, still inching her way. The way his shirt was ripped and how his black breeches were sucked to his muscular thighs made her mouth dry. God, looked like a rouge pirate. The way he was watching her made her skin tingle, her sensations were traitors.

Victoria took a shaky breath, hoping she could stall him long enough to muster up another scream so she could make a run for it. Her body ached and her throat burned. You can do it, just relax and find your inner strength. She took a deep breath.

Ezra narrowed his eyes at her. “Don’t do it love. If you think I can’t catch you without using my,” he smiled, “powers, then you’re in for a show. And, for what’s it worth, your body is not strong enough for the force of energy you’re exerting.”

“Go to Hell,” she hissed. “I rather die then.”

That seemed to be the wrong thing to say. Ezra’s expression darkened, his eyes intent. Before she knew it he had her on her back, his heavy body pinning her. She gasped from the impact, kicking and squirming violently.

He held her wrists with one hand and covered her mouth with the other. Ezra shouted something in a different language over his shoulder then looked back to her. “The less you fight the easier this will be!”

Victoria squeezed her eyes shut, trying to think. He lifted his hips like he was going to get up and she seized the opportunity. With her knee she hit him hard in the groin making Ezra instantly release his hold on her mouth, hissing in pain. 

She screamed; the energy must have come from pure adrenaline. Ezra was thrown off of her… her mind was tettering in and out consciousness.

Run! Get up!

Her heart was drumming in her ears.

Victoria blindly pushed herself up and sprinted, almost falling over her own two feet. Focus… She narrowed her eyes, zoning in on the doors that led to outside. There, wind and rain was battering her from every direction. She sprinted towards the forest, hoping this was the way to Sonya and her family who would protect her. Barely making it into the dense forest she tried to weave her way through as fast as she could. Her large hoopskirt was making it difficult for she was getting snagged on everything!

A branch whipped her in the face and something hooked her dress, ripping it. The rain was making it difficult to judge where she was, even though growing up here she knew the forest well. But, she couldn’t tell left from right in the darkness with her disconnected thoughts and the rain pouring relentlessly.

Something caught her eye to her left.

Victoria gasped. Ezra was on a stallion weaving his way towards her, commanding his mount effortlessly in the dense forest. His white shirt seemed to glow in the dark of the night, his black hair gleaming blue with the rain. Panic hit her hard as she turned to sprint in the other direction. 

“Victoria! Stop!”

Before she could tell him where he could go, she felt something snatch onto her torn gown, jerking her violently into the bushes. Dazed, she looked up into the jaws of a beast she has never seen before. It looked like a cross between a hungry wolf and a bear. Horror-stuck, all she could do was stare and its snarling jaws as the rain dripped off its razor sharp teeth.

Right as the beast arched its back, ready for the kill Ezra was suddenly beside them. A long black whip gleamed in the night as Ezra raised it onto the air. A loud crack was heard as the whip circled around the beast’s neck, breaking it as it was forcefully pulled to the side.

Victoria was crawling away in shock, her pulse jumping with each flash of lightning. She looked back to see Ezra staring after her, trying to control his black stallion, not making a move in her direction.

Why wasn’t he chasing her?! She wondered wildly.

The sound of thunder behind her instantly made her pause. Victoria gradually turned onto her hands and knees to peer at a raging waterfall, knowing now what a wrong turn she took.

She was cornered.

Victoria swallowed, slowly standing to gaze over the side of the cliff, the sound of the crashing water making her dizzy. Turning back around she saw Ezra dismounting, his men arriving to crowd behind him.

This was it.

Ezra ran his hands through his soaked hair as he walked towards her, eyeing her like a black panther.

“Stop! O-or I will toss it over the cliff!” she screamed at him, dangling the choker over the edge of the cliff, coming dangerously close herself.

Ezra stopped mere feet from her. He regarded her though the rain, his expression was dark. “And you think we could not retrieve it?”

She stared at him, realizing the truth of his words. Why couldn’t they retrieve it?! Victoria wiped the rain from her face with her other hand, trying to think of something. “I will jump!”

“You don’t even know what I need from you,” he said, the rain making him appear dangerously gorgeous.

Victoria wanted to laugh at her wayward thoughts. She was about to commit suicide and all she could deduce from her muddled thoughts was how attractive he was. The man who most likely wanted her soul, or something equal to it. Victoria laughed out loud, not being able to help herself gaining a puzzled look from him. “I guess you don’t need this then.” She flung the choker and started to giggle insanely, feeling like she’d lost her bloody mind.

Ezra didn’t even flinch from her actions, his eyes never leaving hers.

“I know what you want from me, Ezra!” she yelled through the rain, making sure to say his name this time. “You want to deflower me! You want to kiss me and other such nonsense! You made that very clear!”

Oh dear. She’d gone stark mad. Too bad she couldn’t take words back, or possibly go back in time?!

It looked like his mouth was twitching, but she couldn’t be sure in the rain. He’s laughing! At me! God, the audacity! “I’m g-going to jump, because I don’t want… anything to do with you and your evil ways!” At this point she didn’t know what she wanted, only just to be done with it all. This nightmare. 

“Victoria, I will not hurt you if you come with me,” he spoke softly, almost to where she didn’t hear him at all over the roaring waterfall.

Oh, and one other thing, she loved the way he said her name with that accent. Victoria swore and rubbed her face with her hands feeling very delirious. “I don’t believe you!”

“You have no choice,” he said back, his voice sounding too close.

When she opened her eyes he was right in front of her, startling her into jumping backwards…

Dear God. Victoria was air born, the wind whistling by her. She didn’t even have time to scream. Her tranquil thoughts were broken up as she felt her body being jerked upwards.

Victoria’s eyes were wide with shock as she looked around, the waterfall crashing under them.

Ezra was holding her in mid-air, his warm body pressed to hers. Victoria suddenly notice the large black wings on his back that appeared to be transparent. “Dear God,” she murmured. 

“I told you not to jump,” Ezra softly reprimanded.

“W-what are you?!” She was loosing her sanity! They were suspended in mid-air! In mid-air!

“I am exactly what you think I am.”

She peered into his eyes, his face being so close to hers. What did she think he was? The rain poured around them, his grip on her tightening. She thought he was mesmerizing, dangerous, inhuman.

“You need to stop looking at me like that,” he rasped into her ear. 

“Like what?” she asked breathlessly.

“Like you want me to ravish you.”

 Oh my God, I do… 

 Victoria didn’t know how to respond, her heart jumping at the seductive look he was giving her. His wet hair was glimmering and his pale skin looked like the finest porcelain. Ezra learned into her neck, his lips grazing her skin making her inhale. His mouth moved over throat, sucking and kissing her pulse. He whispered into his chest, “You will be the death of me,” he continued as he kissed her jaw, “I wasn’t supposed to use my power so now we have to leave.”

“Leave? Where?” Victoria was surprised she could form words out of her mouth. 

“This might hurt.”

 Then blackness.   


The End

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