The Detective (my funny predicament)Mature

This is the first part of three,

So loud the silence…. his heart beat a steady rhythm in his ears. now he had time to think and rethink and then think again… how did he let himself get caught? he was smarter than that,,, he’d been watching the sicko for months,,he had studied him, he knew his routine….top detective, he laughed, the thought of his fellow detectives laughing at him gave him comfort…

Liquid trickled from his nose..his mind played the scene over and over in his banging head….he could still smell the foul odor and feel the heat of the mans breath on his cheek,, he couldn’t move his hands, they were handcuffed,, with his cuffs and tied to his legs which  were starting to cramp,, hogtied.  dammit this was not funny!

The man had told him,, that even though his specialty was killing women….he would show him the time of his life.. he had said, "this will be my coming out party" not a party he looked forward to,,,

He had to concentrate,,,, it was funny the things you thought about, how your mind would wander to the absurd,,, his thoughts kept going back to the morning, when his daughter told him in no uncertain terms,, if he wasn’t at his wifes suprise birthday party that night,,,, she was going to kill him..well, he had a good excuse this time!

The End

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