The voice of the forest

The sun had reached its peak, but the cloudy sky blocked out all of its warmth. As he walked with his companions, Bryn began to fancy that he could hear the trees whispering to him. The sounds were right below his normal range of hearing, but Bryn could hear the muttering, even if he could not understand it.

The temperature began to drop, and the air had become frigid by the time Mayra thought to mention the weather.

"I think a storm might be coming. We should probably find shelter before it hits."

Avar looked around, seemingly worried, and slightly rushed.

"We don't have much time, Mayra. We need to reach Hasedra before the next full moon."

Mayra gave him a sharp look, then tilted her head in Bryn's direction, as if to warn Avar to not say too much. Avar sighed and seemed to reach a decision.

"I guess she's right. It would be bad to be caught out in a storm, and might slow us down even more. We lost precious time in the mountains."

This last statement was said with a slight hint of malice, as if it were someone's fault that he had been lost in the mountains for several weeks. Bryn passed this off as the weather and the miserable conditions getting to him and thought nothing of it. After all, no one had eaten since the day before, and it didn't seem like they were going to get food tonight either.

The group continued on, but made sure to look out for natural shelters as they wandered down the abandoned path. Eventually, Bryn gave a cry and pointed off the side of the road. In the dense trees, one could see a fallen oak that had been covered with leaves from years of lying on the forest floor. It formed a natural cavern that appeared to be a good place to wait out the storm.

As they approached the trunk, everyone in the group looked at it skeptically, for now that Bryn was closer, he could see that it would be a tight fit for all three of them and what few supplies they had left. As Bryn was about to suggest that they try somewhere else, a low rumble of thunder sounded in the distance. Bryn shrugged and got down on his hands and knees so he could wriggle under the trunk.

It took five minutes for everyone to get situated comfortably under the tree. Well, it wasn't exactly comfortable, but it could have been worse. The tight space was also rather warm due to the close quarters. 

The rain began to fall on the leaves, gradually growing in intensity, until the noise became nearly deafening. The thunder boomed overhead and lightning arced across the sky, making deadly patterns that burned themselves into Bryn's eyes. The trees swayed and popped, branches occasionally falling to the ground with loud thumps. Seeing that the storm wasn't going to end any time soon, Bryn settled down to sleep.

The End

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