Eyes In the Dark

I hunkered down into the shadows.

That's me. A shadow. Doomed for evermore to possess a body of darkness - until I can find another human. But unfortunately, the sorcerer who condemned me to this life of immaterial placed me in the darkest, loneliest forest. The endless shade has caused my essence to spread out and envelop the forest - I am like a huge veil, the shroud on a once beautiful land.

I remember coming here as a boy, larking around on fallen trees, making bivvies in their cratered graves, roasting small faggots of chicken with my brothers at twilight. But no - I mustn't think of that ... that's where it happened ... the Incident.

Now I am doomed to wander, alone, among the trees, searching fruitlessly for a human to acquire - they have all been scared away by my presence.

And now, humans are finally here! Three of them - three choices. Who has the shapeliest shadow?

Time to gather my essence. Yet while no shadows fall on the ground, I cannot move. And I must reach them before they reach the plains, else they will see my essence moving along the floor ...

This is going to be difficult.

The End

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