Bryn never remembered falling asleep, his last memory was of gazing out of the cave mouth and watching the stars drift across the sky. The next thing he knew, Avar was jumping up and down on him, trying to get him to wake up.

"Gettup Bryn, come on, we've gotta go now , Oh Lazy One!"

Lazy? I'll give him lazy, thought Bryn. Sitting bolt upright he picked up the nearest item he could lay hands on, a cooking pot, and made a wild swing for Avar's head. Avar jumped out of the way, laughing hysterically as Bryn struggled to his feet, tawny hair sticking up like a bird's nest and looking like he'd just fallen down a hill. He was covered in bits of twig, dirt and all manner of other things and, seeing as he hadn't found a decent river for a bath, he was beginning to smell a little. But then again, none of the company had had a bath in a long while.

Mayra, from her position by the wall, laughed as Bryn attempted to make himself presentable. His boots, still damp from wading across a marsh the previous day, were a lot harder than usual to pull on, and his bow seemed to be holding a grudge and wouldn't fit into the bowcase. About half an hour later, after Bryn had used up just about every bad word he knew, the company were finally ready to leave.

"We can probably get some food on the way, I've got a few coins but if you two see anything edible make sure you grab it. If you don't it's gonna be a very long walk to Haesdra."

As they walked, Bryn began to feel something. It wasn't the usual something, not the nagging badness, but a new something, a feeling that they weren't as alone as they thought. Bryn looked around, but saw nothing but the great rocky crags above them. An eagle screeched overhead, making Bryn jump and reach for the hunting knife in his belt. When he saw what it was, he slapped his forehad brutally and continued walking. Great, I must be going crazy, next thing you know I'll say I'm being stalked by my own shadow, Bryn thought bitterly.

Little did he know, but that suspicion may not have been as stupid as he thought.

The End

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