Order in the Court

An uninvited guest challenges the king's rule for the first time. Living in a subplane of existence was supposed to be easy.

The court stood in silence as the doors cracked open. It was almost as if it was only the wind. They all knew that it was not wind that brought her before the throne, but Death themself. No other could be so cruel, yet so fair. The desolation which had settled years ago was nothing compared to the stillness now. For the first time, true humanity allowed itself to be shown to them, and they finally looked blood and injustice in the eyes.

However, they did not realize their eyes were mirrors. The king sat up straight in his seat as she entered. Nothing in him left room for understanding, nor discipline. Like a rabid animal coveting prey, they pulled something intense from him. Curiosity? Contempt? He did not wonder for long, for when he saw her, he decided on hatred.

Sin itself had taken on an identity, an appearance, a defiant stare, and a soul of it's own. She covered herself in a shawl, like she was trying to hide her shame. The woman walked at a crawl towards him. The hall had been paced in her mind a thousand times before, and her words shouted endlessly in her mind. Inevitably, her mind must be as blank and silent as any of theirs at this point. A few feet distanced from the robed ruler, she simply stopped in place.

He scowled at her quiet arrogance. “What is this disrespect? You stomp in here and hold your head high in your rags.” he chided her. Tick, tick, tick. Shallow, frightened breaths from the cloud were as audible as church bells. He looked around for support, and continued with a bored sigh. “You surely have an attitude about you, but do you have a name.”

Her head rose slowly, and she cleared her throat. “I do not turn my eyes to the ground, for this land is our prison. I do not bow, because you have damned us to a fate worse than Hell. I will not stand down, for you are the king of none.”

“Merlin Ambrosious, you are not the only wizard in this forsaken place.” She pulled off her hood, and finally, the crowd rustled from shock. “My name is Destiny le Fay, heir of the fallen queen.”

The End

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