Finally he reached the surface, gasping and panicking for breath as he lifted Cat onto the solid safety of the ice. With suddenly very weak limbs, he gently lifted himself slowly out of the icy water, wincing in agony at his left arm, which he now saw was severely gashed.

He was instantly beside Cat, his head lowered to her mouth. She wasn’t breathing. He placed his trembling and almost numb fingers to her neck.
No heartbeat either. He didn’t need the full feeling in his fingers to know this as the hollowness inside him told him all he needed to know.

“No no no...” he started to cry as he realised what it meant. “You can’t be..!”

He lowered his mouth to hers, soft and gentle still, even in this desperate time, and slowly filled her lungs with his air. He clasped his hands above her chest, and pressed rythmatically and tears streaming down his face, he placed his finger once more on her neck to find a strong heartbeat and her eyes opened and she kissed him and he carried her home and they made love and everything was perfect.

“FOCUS DAMMIT!” His mind slapped him back to reality, and the lack of pulse.

“NOOO!” he boomed into the barren landscape.

He tried again and again and again, but finally had to stop, his vision blurred by tears of love, and he lowered himself beside her, taking her into his arms.

In her ear he gently whispered “Without you, my life is empty. Without you, my happiness is gone. Without you, my heart is so alone.”

Miller struggled to hold the tears welling up in his eyes.

“But with you, the world is a beautiful place. With you I feel so safe. With you I feel complete. You cannot die, we have so many more stories to live through together. This can’t be the end, my princess, come back to me, please, I need you. I love you, Cat.”

The End

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