A figure danced before Miller in the dark, a beautiful woman moving in slow motion with eyes that made him feel all warm inside, and as she smiled, his heart started to ache with love.

“Cat...” he sighed in his dream.


He opened his eyes to find he was underwater in what would be complete darkness, save for a shaft of light from the hole in the ice above.


Where was she?

Was she injured?

He started to release himself from the rubble, everything moving in slow motion.


His eyes swung left and right as his memory returned. WHERE IS SHE? He roared inside his mind, the darkness keeping her from him.

“CAT!” he screamed, and precious bubbles of oxygen rose to the surface.

Like a blind man, he used his hands to feel his way, wanting, needing them to touch her soft skin before all feeling left his fingers completely.
He was starting to feel faint as the concussion and lack of oxygen started to take their toll.

I WILL NOT LEAVE HER! He screamed inside his mind, snapping himself out of his weaker trance, and with renewed vigour, he scoured the helicopter remains for his beloved.

As hope was fading, and as the world once again started to dim, his numbing hands touched her arm, and he was instantly pulling away the debris pinning her to the sea bed.

“JUST HANG ON” he thought as he freed her, scooped her up in his arms and swam as powerfully as he could towards the ever fading shaft of light.

“JUST A FEW MORE SECONDS” he begged his exhausted body, pushing harder still, thinking only of her life and never once of his.

The End

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