The Depths Of Love

“WE’RE GOING DOWN!” Cat screamed, as the huge helicopter fell from the sky, a plume of smoke billowing from its rear, where the anti-aircraft shell had struck.

Miller took Cat’s hand softly in his own, and whispered to her “It’s ok, I will protect you.”

Tears started to stream down Cat’s cheeks as she quietly replied “Thank you, but I am not scared to die with you beside me.”

Miller’s eyes suddenly blazed intensely, and he squeezed her hand tightly.
“I am NOT going to let anything hurt you!”

With his other hand, he grabbed the steering column and with all his might, he jarred it towards himself. The sudden movement sent the helicopter’s nose skyward, and the looming ground no longer filled the view from the windscreen.

“HOLD HER STEADY!” Miller shouted to Cat through gritted teeth, and they both used their free hand to keep the steering column in this position, their other hands forever holding onto each other.

“JUST A FEW SECONDS MORE!” he screamed as the rotor’s engine exploded, sending them into a free fall.

The smoking helicopter hit the lake of ice tail-firstcrashing through the thick sheet into the sub-zero water underneath.

The End

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