The Depths

Jamie has worked hard to get into the position he is now; not popular, but not unpopular. He's in a comfortable place somewhere in between, with a couple of friends, but not too many, and he isn't liked or disliked by his classmates. Therefore, when a weird girl joins the school from a country everybody seems to fail to identify, he decides to stay as far as possible away from her.
However, Jamie's luck doesn't allow anything to go right, so he ends up showing this girl around, and slowly but s

Jagged white lightning scarred the cloudy night sky when she arrived. It delved into the tumbling, roaring waves that spat, hissed and crashed like fierce watery beasts, building themselves into towers that toppled back into the swirling abyss of the sea. Amidst the destruction, she swam, peacefully gazing at the half-obscured full moon, allowing the sea to cradle her and toss her about.

Nobody saw her ghostly, illuminated face that night. She was a pale pinprick in a vast, wild ocean.

Closing her eyes, she felt the freezing water rush against her skin.

She smiled and wondered what it would be like this time.




"Year Ten, will you SHUT UP?!"

The class erupted with laughter once again.

"Oh, Sir! You're not supposed to talk to us like that!" Chris yelled, which was equally as funny to his friends as the fact that the teacher was on the verge of tearing his hair out whilst trying, in vain, to keep some control over this uncontrollable class.

Jamie was sat nearish the back, but around the middle of the classroom, just enough to blend in, along with Sam and Owen, who sat either side of him. The three of them, at that point, were practising the studied art of joining in with the rest of the class, whilst actually doing some work. Not that they did the work particularly well; it was good enough to be acceptable, but not exceptional.

Despite his occasional, medium-level laughter, Jamie was becoming more bored than usual. He didn't mind the work so much most of the time, and the antics of his wild classmates didn't normally bother him, but for some reason he felt irritated on this particular day. It may have been the fact that it was nearing the end of the school year, or the Summer heat that was magnified by the window at the back of the class, making the room vaguely resemble a greenhouse. Maybe there was something deep within him that somehow predicted that today wouldn't be a normal one.

Anyway, for whatever reason, he had a niggling feeling at the back of his mind. This made it hard to concentrate. This was how he ended up staring at the girl he was meant to be showing around.

She was sat next to Owen, who had given up on talking to her, as she was clearly not the kind of girl he'd want to go out with. In fact, she didn't seem like the kind of girl anyone would even want to talk to; let alone get to know. It wasn't that she was ugly or aggressive, or in any way foreboding. It was just that she was different. She was weird. People like that were just the kind of people Jamie went out of his way to avoid.

Unlike everybody else, she sat upright, writing the work out neatly, frowning slightly in concentration and paying intense attention to the teacher when he was actually teaching. She stared up at him with her wide, blue eyes. Her face was unmarked by make-up, and lightly freckled. Her long, wavy hair was a light, golden-brown colour, streaked slightly with lighter tones, and looked unbrushed. In a way, she looked out of place, and out of proportion. Something about her didn't quite fit. There was a rumour going around that on her first day at the school, upon finding out that there was a swimming team, she'd asked to join it. When she turned up to the practice after school that day, she didn't bring a swimming costume and instead dived into the pool, wearing a bizarre white dress and matching mittens. The mittens! Jamie stared at them as he sat in the lesson. She always wore mittens. When asked why by teachers, she smiled and handed over a note. Jamie had heard that she had some rare skin disease on her hands, so they needed protecting. Whether or not this was true, it seemed a bit weird to Jamie.

"Why does she wear those, anyway?" he muttered absent-mindedly to Owen.

"The mittens."

Owen shrugged, and turned to the girl.

"Oi, Sera, why do you wear mittens?" he asked. Sera. Jamie realised he hadn't even asked her name. Sera smiled.

"I have a skin condition." she replied. Her voice was quiet and calm, and somehow soothing.

"Yeah right!" Chris laughed. It seemed that the class loudmouth had overheard the conversation. Despite the teacher's protests, he made his way over to Sera. Jamie tried to seem like he was nothing to do with what was going on.

"Let's have a look at that skin condition then!" Chris continued, and was soon joined by the rest of the class in taunting the girl. Overwhelmed by the sudden rush of people, she could do nothing but stare and try to shrink away from them all, as Chris grabbed her mittens and the teacher tried to get the kids back to their seats.

Sera began to scream, now terrified and surrounded, and Chris laughed as he slowly pulled the mittens from her hands. Jamie felt bad for letting it happen, but guiltily watched all the same.

Then the mittens came off.

The class went silent.

And stared.

The End

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