Chapter 2

Matt and his mother arrived at the dentist's office. His mom checked in while Matt flipped through a few old magazines in the waiting room. After about twenty minutes, the door that led to the check-up rooms opened and Matt's name was called. 

"Go on, Matt. I'll just wait out here until you're done," said his mom.

Matt walked through the door, and then he was shown to one of the reclining seats in the large, open room. First, one of the assistants brushed his teeth. From time-to-time throughout the process, a bit of drool would fall out of his mouth, which was very uncomfortable. 

The assistant finished brushing and scraping his teeth, and then he was left to wait for the dentist to show up. He stared around at the random artwork on the walls. In the middle of counting the number of stripes on a distressed-looking zebra, he saw the dentist coming.

He was a tall man; probably around forty-five years old. His face seemed serious by nature, but there were lines present from all of the times he must have faked smiles at screaming children. He was clean-shaven, with only a small pointed goatee on his chin. It wasn't until he was very close, however, that Matt saw his eyes. They were steel grey, and the way that he probed Matt with them was unsettling, almost like he was sizing up a horse at an auction.

The End

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