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Ital Leets is an average guy with an average life, or so he thinks. Ital is the new kid at school and he seems to be the outcast even on his first day. Ital meets a girl named Katrina who doesn't judge him by how he looks only by who he is. He feels strange around people even the ones he has known all his life. When Katrina is taken Ital's long lost buddy steps back into his life and drops a bomb in his lap that rocks his world to the core. The reason for this is simple, Ital is a lot older than

It’s the first day of school and I’m getting some really weird looks. I know I’m a little different, but that doesn’t give them the right to look at me like that. My name is Ital Leets. I’m 75% native-american and god knows what else. I’m 5”9’ and about 165.2 lb. I have black hair and cloudy gray eyes. Some people think that I’m blind but I’m not. The reason people give me such stupid looks is because my right arm is made of metal. I know it’s strange that my arm is like that, but I lost my real one when I was 12 in a car accident with my mom and a friend of the family. I’m an only child and my dad split when I was two, so I don’t know him. Well we were heading down to Florida for a family vacation. We stopped at an all night diner early that morning and went in for some breakfast. We finished eating and all got in the car and were starting to pull out of the parking lot when a semi slammed into the front of our small Saturn. The semi rolled over the hood and crushed my mom and her friend then the roof bent down and pinned my arm to the arm rest. The pressure from it cut off the circulation to my arm. The police and the ambulance were there in minutes but it felt like hours. There was so much damage to the car they had to use the Jaws of Life to get me out of it. I was rushed to the emergency room where they amputated my arm at the shoulder. That’s the day I lost my mom and my arm.

        Having a metal arm isn’t so bad. I just got it about two years ago. It’s called automail. It’s a super strong steel-and- carbon compound. I can lift 10 times my normal human strength. There’s also a magnet in it that is so strong that if I plant my feet and turn it on, it can pull a car to me. Then again, if I don’t plant my feet right, it could pull me to the car. (Trust me. That’s not fun! My head still hurts from that, every time I think about it). It’s also useful for finding car keys.

        Right now I’m staying with my friend Cane. Ya, it’s a funny name to give your kid but I think it’s cool. I’m staying with him and his family for the school year and half the summer. His family is so cool they even gave me my own apartment up above the garage.

        The apartment is pretty big. It has three rooms and a huge living room and kitchen. The garage is mine too. It has my fully restored 69 Camaro in it but enough about me. Back to the story, for now.

        I’m in fifth hour when the over head speaker comes on and the lady from the front office calls for me. I head down the hall and into the office. I stop dead when I walk through the door because standing at the front desk was someone I haven’t seen in years.

        Derik turns and looks at me. “Well hello Ital. It’s nice to see you again”, he says.“Hi, and pardon me for asking but, what the hell are you doing here?!” I say in shock.

“I’m here to give you a tune up, you dead bolt”

“But I’m confused. How did you found me?”

“It was easy. All I had to do was follow the paper trail you left”.

“Really? Wow, I thought I could hide my tracks better”. I hug him. “It’s really good to see you man. How have you been?”

“I’m good bro and yes, you are good at hiding your tracks but I‘m better at finding them”.

        “Um, excuse me, but if you want to do your work, you can use the machine shed at the back of the school”, says the lady at the desk. She smiles. “It’s in room 254 on the right”

“Thank you very much Miss”. Derik grabs me by the arm and says “Let’s go door knob”.

“Fine. Let’s go”.

        We walk to the work shop and open the door. As we step in, we look around at the room and see that there are three booths to work in. Two of the booths are open, but the third one is being used by a girl trying to fix a pair of head phones with a soldering iron. As we walk past, I step on a piece of metal and it flies across the room and hits the other wall. The girl jumps and turns around. “Who are you?” she asks.

“My name is Ital Leets. I’m a student here at the school. Can I ask what your name is Miss?”

“My name is Katrina Smith and, if you’re a student than why haven’t I heard of you yet?”

 “I just came to this school about 2 days ago so, I haven’t really met anyone either way. So ya, it’s nice to meet you”, I stick out my right hand (forgetting that it was my metal arm). She sees it and tries to take a nervous step backwards and steps on a spray can. As she starts to fall I jump forward and grab her arm, pulling her up and setting her on her feet.

“Thank you Ital. That was very kind of you”.

“It’s the least I can do”.

        We walk to the last stall and sit down. Katrina follows and asks “So what’s with your arm? I mean why’s it made of metal?”

“When I was a little kid, I lost my arm in a car crash that killed my mom and our friend”, I say. “As it is, I shouldn’t be here. I should be dead alongside my mom”.

“Damn. Well I’m sorry”.

“It’s alright. It happened a long time ago so, don’t worry about it”

        Derik holds up his hand. “We have work that we need to get done, okay? So you can either move away or be quiet, got it?”

“And who are you, mister snobby?”

“Ha! His name is Derik. He’s my automail specialist. He’s also a kind of stick in the mud.”

 “Ya, I believe it! Ha”, Katrina says.

        Derik pulls out a huge tool from his bag. And then pushes up my sleeve. “Now hold still, you know what can happen if u don’t”, he says. He puts the tool on the bolt on my arm and turns it as hard as he can. There’s a rusty squeak and the bolt pops out. “Damn have you been taking care of this at all, it’s so rusted in here. I’m going to have to fix everything now. Why can’t you listen to what you’re told?”

“Sorry I’ve been busy”

“I don’t care if you’re stuck in a hole in the middle of bum fucked Egypt. You find the time to clean this out.”

“Yes boss, whatever you say.”

It took two hours to fix my arm. After replacing all the damaged weirs and refitting new plaits it was looking and working like new agen. Katrina looks at me and says “so what all can that arm do?”

        I hold out my hand and activate the magnet. A peace of sheet metal lying on the opposite side of the room fly’s towards me. It lands in my hand and I crumple it like it was paper. I turn and hand it to Katrina and she smiles a big beautiful smile that I instantly fall in love with.

        For the next few days, school dragged by and the only times I would be happy was when I was around my angle. Katrina is a little shorter than me and skinny. She has beautiful blue eyes and long dirty blond hair. I can’t really call her my angel because we aren’t dating. I still consider her mine though. Every morning when she sees me she calls out my name and jumps into my open arms in a big hug. I love this one moment of the day the most. I can only find this happiness when I’m with her. For me, being around her is like being on crack. After one hit you just want more. I wanted to spend every second of every day with her. It’s kind of like being under mind control. But who cares it’s the best feeling in the world.

A month after the day in the machine shed I walk into school like I normally do and stop by the cafe and grab a coffee and a apple and head to where my friends hang out


so i just found out that i am missing a bunch of stuff so i need to do some fixing so this is what you guys will get for now. ill post a new chapter every cople of weeks and update regularly

The End

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