"The Saviour"

Chapter Three

The Saviour”

I’m Adrian, by the way.” The messenger said as he and Katanya landed at the Royal Palace.

There trip to the palace was silent. Katanya didn’t like showing her outstretched wings in public, for oblivious reasons. This meant Katanya had very little flying experience over the years.

Adrian held out his hand to Katanya and she reached to shake it.

Glad to meet you.” She smiled.

The large silver gates opened in front of them.

The palace and royal courtyard was enormous. The grass was a brightened shade of green. Then, there was a statue in the centre of the courtyard. It was of the late Queen, Jewelem the 4th. Katanya stopped to stare at the perfectly carved stone piece of work. The statue of Jewelem was standing on a large stone, and was holding a large diamond sword in her hand. Her wings were outstretched, and see was looking intensely serious.

Hurry, the Queen does not like to be kept waiting.”

Katanya took one last glance and the statue, and then turned to Adrian.

Her moth was quite captivating, wasn’t she?”

Yes, she was. Shame she died so young…”

Katanya hummed as they finally reached the palace doors.

Welcome.” Adrian whispered in her ear, as she felt herself blush again.

He swung the doors open and linked Katanya’s elbow to his.


Demi woke from yet another light dream.

Everything falls into place, always. No matter how much you wish it doesn’t.

Demi had dreamed of Lazfian her whole life. He was almost like the family she never had.

They were alike, both so alone and different from their worlds.

Demi sobbed into her pillow loudly.

Why did her dreams always stalk him?

She rolled onto her side and closed her eyes, again seeing his irresistible face.

His bright yellow eyes, his soft wanting-to-be-touched hair, his muscular chest…

Stop it!” She yelled, at the visions, “Stop doing this to me!”

Demi Malix hated him.

Demi Malix doesn’t want to long him.

Demi Malix is uncontrollably in love with something she knows she can never have.


Inside the palace was even more breathtaking then out.

It was lined with purple carpet all the way through the house. Along the walls were pictures of many great former Kings and Queens that had ruled over the East.

And when Adrian and Katanya finally reached the Queen’s large bedroom door, she felt she could not breathe.

Are you coming in too?”

Why would I? I am just a messenger… besides, haven’t you met her before?” Katanya didn’t notice, but Adrian was slowly stepping further and further away from the door.

No, I have met the late Que-”

The doors opened, strongly, in front of Katanya’s face, making her head turn.

She looked back, but only to see Adrian had already gone.

The Queen… Rosemary Ellixis.” A dark man bowed at the door.

Rosemary turned to face Katanya.

She was not what Rosemary had expected.

Yes, she was beautiful-her blue eyes were haunting, and her blonde hair was amazingly perfect. Yet… she seemed so unaware of what she was-may-be capable of.

To Katanya, the queen was everything she’d expected-a picture of her mother. Her hair was shoulder-length, and dark shade of brown. Her nose was upturned, and her lips were red and plump.

She bowed at the Queen.

You summoned me, Queen Rosemary.”

Yes.” She signalled for Katanya to enter and the guard to leave. “This is of a personal matter…” she told him.

When the doors re-closed Rosemary spoke quickly, “You are aware of the recent meeting or the elders, are you not?”

No… I mean yes. What… Even if I did, it’s not as if…” Her voice trailed down to a whisper, “…The meeting was about me! I am just a deformed child! Why is everyone so intrigued by it?” Katanya’s beautiful eyes were now staring coldly into the Queens.

You have no idea who you are named after do you?’ The Queen glared now too. How could this child be so unaware?

No… I…. It’s just a name…”

Katanya Jaxmon-she was born over 2 thousand years ago. She too had golden wings.”

Golden wings! How many times…” again Katanya’s voice trailed, but this time grew louder. “It’s a deformity, not a gift!”

I wouldn’t be so sure…” The Queen mumbled and raised her eyebrows.

Katanya cocked her head to the left, she was mad.

Katanya Jaxmon was also known as ‘the saviour’. And she did have a gift.”

Well… isn’t she lucky.” Katanya told the Queen sarcastically.

You don’t get it. She could heal the wounded, revive the dead.

Katanya laughed, this must be some form of a joke!

Who has the power to bring back the dead?

You are impossible!” The Queen screamed, making Katanya suddenly become quiet. “Leave. Leave before I call the guards!”

Katanya left the room to find Adrian waiting in the hall.

She was in a distressed state, being accused of having paranormal abilities was not the ideal way for her to start the day.

She’s a great queen, isn’t she?” Adrian smiled; he obliviously had not idea of what went on in the room.

Can you just take me home?”

Sure… if that’s what you want.”

Yes,” she sulked, “That’s what I want.”


When Katanya and Adrian landed by her home, Adrian was silent.

Should I tell her? Would she be afraid?

Adrian could tell the Queen had upset Katanya, yet he didn’t know how.

Katanya didn’t move, she was frozen by his side, looking at her limestone house.

Are you…” He put a friendly arm of her shoulder, “… okay?”

She turned and looked at Adrian in the eye, only he knew she wasn’t looking at him; she was looking at everything that was ever was.

I… I’m not sure. All my life I’ve been different, an outcast. Sure, I had friends… but were they really?” she hung her head, breaking his glaze. “And now… I’ve got a name to live up to. Well, so says the Queen… and all the Elders…”

He didn’t know what to say, he just stared down at her face filled with tragedy and pain.

She cried out a loud sob.

So… you believe the Queen?” Adrian asked. Keeping her talking was better than hearing her cry.

Believe her? I don’t even-” she paused, frowned and glared at him. “I hadn’t told you what she had said to me.” – Her voice low and spiteful.

Adrian stammered words; but nothing coherent.

Forget it.” Katanya snapped and headed for her door.

He had spied on him… or so she thought.


The disgusting taste of the school’s horrid food was still lingering in Demi’s mouth. As Demi was about to exit the kitchen hall she saw a white figure standing in the doorway.

It did not take much for her to realise who it was; Jonah Thomson. He had long, brown hair, which he usually tied back into a ponytail. And the usual bright blue eyes.

Demi sighed; she didn’t know why she pretended to love him…

Demi!” Jonah called, and waved his right arm.

Demi faked a weak smile and walked towards him.

When she reached him he gave her a huge warm hug.

Demi shut her eyes, why did she do this to herself?

So, how’ve you been?” he asked when they broke apart. “I haven’t seen you for a few days.”

Sorry…” she muttered. The truth was she couldn’t face school, she had spent days---

The End

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