Chapter Two


Space and time is like a straight line. Everything just falls onto place on that line. It never waves, never curves, and splits. Time can never be changed.

What would they know?” Demi muttered as she slammed closed the book. This was the fourth book she had read on the matter of ‘Time,’ with all the same conclusion.

Demi happened to be one of the many Angels that lived in the school hostel.

The rooms were small, but she had nowhere else to go. Both her parents had been taken to serve God at Heavens gates.

Demi hated the whole system the Angels had to follow. She was only ten when the current Guardian elders tore her poor parents from her.

Since then, Demi has always wished to leave heaven, and to leave the rotten Angels. She wished she could grow up in Hell, along side Lazfian and the other Darkdwellers, maybe then her fate would be what she always wanted it to be. She knew for her, that was never to be…


Why haven’t you brought me the girl?” Rosemary didn’t like to raise her voice much, but she really has to speak with the child.

I have a messenger on the way to the Eslin’s house hold now.” William replied.

Rosemary sighed, “Okay, you may go.”

Being called to see the Elders at the Gates she knew it had to be of an important matter.

But as the Elders had spoken it confused her, gave her worry and maybe even a hint of jealously.

For if Katanya was the ‘Saviour’ like they had claimed she is… Why would the Heavens need a mere, young Queen like herself…

She had already heard the rumours. Of Katanya being the Queen one day and taking over the thrown.

Rosemary could not let that happen, she would try and be the best Queen her mother had always dreamed of her to be, and not let a Golden-Winged, high-schooler to take her place.


Katanya dear. You have a visitor.” Katanya’s mother Amelin called.

Amelin was beautiful, yet nothing compared to her daughter. She knew of this, but did not care less. She was proud of her only child. She was a single parent, after her husband, and Katanya’s father, Stephien, was taken to guard the gate. Amelin was going to join him in barely 10 years. She wished to have spent more time with him, and having another child. But those were two dreams she knew that could never come true.

There was no way Stephien could stay with them, for it is the law. And as Amelin wished for a miracle to have a second child, her prayers came unanswered. For an Angel it is physically impossible for them to conceive more than one. Nobody knows why this is, all they know is no Angel couple has ever been able to generate a second birth, or creation.

Who is it mother?” Katanya asked sweetly and skipped to her mother, who was standing beside the front door.

He says he’s from the Queen.” Amelin said and raised her eyebrows, and put on a queer smile.

What’s the door closed for then?” Katanya grumbled, and opened the door wide.

Katanya Eslin?”

The Angel in the doorway was short and slender, with a long face and a button nose. And as Katanya son found out, a very cheeky smile.

Y-yes” she stammered, “I know you’re from the Queen. May I ask what about?”

The Queen summons you. She requested immediately.”

Mother?” Katanya turned to face Amelin.

Amelin nodded and held in a tear forming in her eye.

She knew what this was about. She was at the recent meeting with the Elders. Yet she had no idea what to believe…

Katanya and the Queens young messenger both drew out their wings.

Katanya’s wings sparkled in the bright sun.

Those really are breathtaking up close.” The messenger nodded towards her.

She blushed as they both took off into the clear sky.


Lazfian rocked back and forth on his chair as he awaited his father’s arrival.

For all his life his father had never given him the honour as to torture the sinful spirits of the undead, until today.

After his father saw the delight in Lazfian’s eye when he peeked into the torture room, he could not withhold.

A dark shadow filled the room and loud thumps echoed through the walls.

Father!” Lazfian spoke, and rose from the chair.

His father lifted an eyebrow, unimpressed.

Lazfian bowed down to his knee, and lowered his head, “Greetings, Lord Isaac.”

The Devil clapped his crimson hands.

He was tall for a Darkdweller, they are usually no taller than a human. And he had the beauty of Angel. His skin was still the same shade of red it was many years ago.

How did I do?” Lazfian asked, as he sat back into his chair.

Stand up!” the Devil grumbled, and Lazfian did so. “Could have been better. I mean the Boiler Room?

I’m… I’m sorry.”

I mean we live in Hell, my boy. If you wanted that human to melt you could have just thrown him into one of the pits.”

I will do better not time.” Lazfian told him, trying to stay strong.

I’d say you’d better. I guess I’ll give you one more chance…”

Before Lazfian could speak another word, then Devil stomped out of the room. Making Lazfian hang his head in shame.

Lazfian was equally as beautiful as his father, through no Darkdweller would dare to admit. His skin was a very tanned orange, and his chest was smooth and toned.

Maybe Lazfian may not even no it, but there is a dream in the very back of his mind to overthrow his father’s title and become the greatest of all Darkdwellers.



Baby, I am here for you.” Stephien told Amelin.

Amelin lay on the doctors table, she was in labour.

Well I don’t think you can help the…” Amelin stopped to scream, another contraction. “…Pain!”

Think about us. About the lovely family we are about to have.”

Amelin was sweating, and breathing deeply; this was very hard for her.

One chance!” she screamed after yet another contraction. “One bloody chance, Stephien! If this… doesn’t… go to well… it’s all over… no more…”

Stephien reached over, and kissed her.

Amelin shrieked for the fourth and final time. Then smiled in relief, heard she heard the sound of an infant crying.

Her smile did not stay for long; as she turned to worry when she looked at the doctor who was holding her child.

He was surrounded by nurses, “This child…” he said shaking his head.

I want to see my baby.” Amelin said quickly.

The doctor didn’t speak, he didn’t even look at her.

I want to see my baby!

The doctor finally did turn.

As he handed her the baby he mumbled, “It’s a girl…”

Amelin and Stephien both gasped as soon as the child was placed in her arms.

Did we do something wrong?” asked Stephien.

The baby yawned and snuggled into Amelin’s chest.

The golden wings on the baby’s back were a shock.

What are we going to do?” Stephien continued.

We are going to call her Katanya, like the story.”

Amelin smiled down at her child. Usually babies would be crying now, but Katanya was peacefully asleep.

But she… is she normal…. For Christ’s sake…” Stephien paused. “… is she… mine?”

She turned to her husband. “Of course she is yours, as I am. Look at her sleeping, how can you question her normality?”

Stephien listened to Amelin’s words, she was right.

The Elder’s have to be told, Amelin.”

Amelin thought to herself, Just a child. Like skin colour, she is no different…


The End

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