"The Beginning"

Part One

Chapter One

The Beginning”

Katanya awoke to the sound of flutes and trumpets… again. She wished everyone would stop making a huge fuss over her.

Good morning, my lady.” The house maid, Diana, signalled her.

Diana was light of colour, with bright orange hair. She doesn’t mind being a maid, she has worked for many high ranked angels; but being in the Eslin house was more than a great honour.

Diana, please. You shouldn’t call me that; I am no different from anyone else.”

Katanya yawned, and sat in her large, feathered bed. A give from the King of the west it she’d been told. He was one of the many people who insisted on giving Katanya priceless gifts.

I’m sorry. But you have earned that title. You should here what people call you now.” Diana shook her head in disbelief. Being a maid, in a huge home, you here a lot of gossip.

She groaned, and rolled her eyes. “What do they call me…?”

The lady… of light! Because of your fantast-”

Wings!” Katanya yelled, finishing Diana’s sentence, “Yes, I know. God, all I want to do is throw paint over these blasted things.”

She was at the mirror now. She turned to look at the unnatural things in her back. Then went to face the front. His hair was waist length and a deep sandy blonde; it was also extremely knotty. She had a petite figure and blue eyes, like any other angel.

As she was focussing on her features she had been completely ignoring Diana’s usual daily gossip session.

“… and they… and they say you could be Queen one day. Imagine that! Queen Katanya, ruler of the east.”

Don’t you have something out of my room to clean?” Katanya snapped, “Besides, I have to change.

A-as you wish, my lady.” Diana bowed and exited the room.

Gosh, she’s bossy. I was only telling her how highly the community thinks of her… She thought, as she exited the room and shuffled down the hall.


The Queen of the East waved and smiled at her many happy people.

Rosemary Elixis was young angel royalty, only 27. Her mother, Jewelem the 4th, was the best and most loved queen of all the heavens. She was kind and caring, but never afraid of a battle. When Jewelem died at the age of only 70 it was a shock to everyone, Rosemary especially. Jewelem died after fighting an unworthy war with the West kingdom. They had won, but Jewelem had been badly injured, and by the time she returned to the gates of heaven she was already dying. She had been wounded with a diamond sword; the diamond happens to be the only thing that can pierce an angel’s skin. She had died in Rosemary’s arms, telling her to be the best she can ever be. Rosemary had no other family, they had all already passed. So she had to take over the throne. But she knew in her heart she would never be half the queen her mother was.

Rosemary turned away from her window, to her adviser, William.

Do you really think what the elders said was true? That the story was-is-real?” the Queen asked.

The elders are very wise, and have seen and heard many things. The Lady of Light, whom they told us of, is the only other angel with wings of such colour.”

But we no that-everyone does-I mean… will she be everything the Lady of Light was? Will she be able to do everything the Lady of Light did?”

We’ll just have to wait and see, your majesty.”

Can you send the news that I wish to see her?”

William nodded and left the room, leaving Rosemary to her thoughts.

If the elder’s stories and theories are true, that she is a saviour to us, what is out there that she must save is from?

Something is coming,” an elder had said, “Something that will startle us, and it will show no mercy.”


The screams of new comers were like music to his ears. Their cries out to loved ones, that will never to heard… the begs for forgiveness; the came the weak sobs, knowing that they’d be trapped for all eternity in this bitter sweet place called hell…


Katanya was running down the hall of Lady Faith’s East Angelic High, as she was late.

Not that it really mattered. To the teachers Katanya was a god. They, like every other angel in the room, always stared; they were always a little too nice. They always whispered things, like, ‘Isn’t she great?’ to the closest thing to them.

Katanya!” Larus Orkle shouted as she appeared in the doorway.

Like everyday, the eyes widened and the room fell to murmurs.

Yes, I’m here. Get over it.”

The class parted, to let Katanya to let Katanya reach the front of the room, to where Larus was standing.

Here’s my late pass.” She said and handed him a yellow piece of paper.

Larus was a clean cut man, and very tall. In his appearance he looked about late 30’s; the age angels usually stop maturing. Truthfully, Larus had been around a little over 380 years. He, like the elders, had seen many things. Larus started teaching to pass on his wisdom before he was called to retire to live the rest of his life guarding the gods. When angels reach the age of 400 they must stand in line and guard the gates of heaven.

I have told you many times, you don’t need one of these.” He placed the paper on the desk beside him. “Now, choose a seat, and sit.”

Everyone was standing, so Katanya could sit anywhere.

Katanya looked around, and then found a disk with no angel by it, and then she sat.

Now class, I wanted to tell you about why you should never exit the heaven’s without a guide.”

The class sat back down, and listened in complete silence.

Earth,” he grabbed a piece of chalk and started drawing a picture of the round planet, “is a place of many terrifying beasts. Such as bears, lion’s croc-”

Katanya groaned. As well as being an angel constantly on others lips, there was only no way out; she was trapped. She knew the dangers on Earth, who would want to walk straight onto that?

What about the terrifying place below Earth?” Katanya turned, to notice Demi Malix was the student with her white hand in the air. Demi Malix was strange for angels, with her black hair, and brown eyes. She did not smile her beautiful white teeth like other angels. Instead of playing outside, she would stay in and read fantasy stories. Behind her back, people would call her the ‘Odd One’ or even, “Fallen Angel.”

Larus let out a bellow. “Everyone knows there is nothing more there! Not since thousands of years ago...”

So you really believe all the darkdwellers have died out? That all the Darkkings and Demons have also? What about the almighty Devil?”

Those were filthy creatures! I’m glad God deposed off them. And so should you, you shouldn’t be making up stories about them still being alive!

Why don’t you just explain to everyone what happened then?” came the sweet voice of Rufuh Williston, “Instead of arguing over us?”

Rufuh was a model student, as well as being an eye catcher. With his shaggy hair, and big eyes.

A few female angels giggled, even his voice made them weak.

Well… ah… I suppose it can’t hurt. I’m just very surprised you haven’t heard the story.”

The class waited, as Larus cleared his throat.

I may as well start at the beginning, shouldn’t I? How the great Immortals parted to create Heaven and Hell.

Years ago, before the humans walked the Earth; the Immortals roamed the Earth in peace, under the commandment of God.

As all of you know, God created two humans, Adam and Eve. But, little do you know, there was a third- Samuel.”

The class gasped, as Larus moved to pick up a large book off the shelf to the side of the classroom. He flicked through many pages, until he stopped at one. Then, he started to read…

The Immortal elders were worried about the humans, thinking it would be a mistake having to share their land with others.

When God introduced the immortals to the humans, the angels, lead by Jewelem Shance, where pleased; finding they were pleasant creatures. But the darkdwellers were horrified. Isaac Afardon, the leading darkdweller, yelled and shouted, making a big fuss.

This caused Samuel to cry out in fear. Isaac stopped yelling, to stare at Samuel with curious eyes. ‘Breathe the air, my family!’ - The darkdwellers did so. They all appeared to be feeding off Samuels fear.

“‘Stop!’ Jewelem had yelled, but it was too late. Isaac leapt for Samuel, mouth open. When Isaac rose once more, after consuming Samuel, his skin had changed into scarlet and there where two almighty horns upon his forehead.

“‘What have you done?’ God yelled. He was disgusted by Isaac’s behaviour. Isaac looked down at his new body, he scowled. ‘Immortals are not supposed to eat human flesh.’ God finished.

“‘But… their fear… is…’ Isaac spoke slowly.

“‘Make all the hunger you have ever experienced go away?’ God finished Isaac’s incomplete sentence. ‘Most Darkdwellers would believe that that’s enough. But you, Isaac, you always have to have more, don’t you?’

“‘I… But… Sorry…’ Isaac began.

“‘No!’ God yelled once more. ‘I forbid you to walk over Earth again! You and your fellow Darkdwellers. It is too risky for you to be here!’

“‘Then where are we supposed to go?’ A Darkdweller yelled.

God pointed to the ground and smirked. ‘I banished you all to the pits of hell; beneath us.’”

Larus snapped the book closed. Making that children jump; taking away the painted picture in their mind.

He spoke quickly, like he had told the stories a thousand times. “Then all the Darkdwellers picked up a fuss and were never heard from again, or cared for. Like I said, good riddance.”
“But what happened to us? How did we end up in the sky? What had we done wrong?” Katanya was the one who spoke. This story had worried her, the Darkdwellers really seemed misunderstood. It was, and had to be, all but a silly mistake…

Nothing. God just thought it best that the humans held power over Earth, and the Angels the sky. Therefore, creating Heaven.”

Larus turned away from the class and back to his blackboard.

Before he could pick up a piece of chalk, Rufuh spoke again, “What has that story got to do with the Devil? Where does he come in with all this?”

Larus sighed, again bored this the re-telling of this story, “Isaac is the Devil. After God banished the darkdwellers he also took Isaac’s name. Shorting ‘Evil darkdweller’ to D-evil.”

Katanya thought, even if at some crazy chance, the Devil was still alive… that would make him over centuries old…


He looked the new comer in the eye and roared, “You must be punished!”

The human yelled and begged for Mercy, begged to be taken from this place.

For Murder, sir!” A darkdweller called.

Already, he could fell the taste of the humans fear in the back of his throat, so he continued to roar.

You filthy humans are so inconsiderate.” He slat into the humans face, “To… The Boiler Room!”

The Darkdwellers began to drag him away.

The Boiler Room!? What is that?!”

Eternity. That’s how long you will live in a Boiling tub of water. Melting… and wishing you could die. Yet… I’m sorry to say, you sir, are already dead.”

No! You can’t! I’m sorr-”

The screams drew weak as the door to the Boiler room was closed.

Ha.” Lazfian chucked “That was fun.”


When the unusual class had ended Katanya just had to wonder why the Angel elders thought the Darkdwellers were so cruel. From the story Mr. Orkle had told them they did not seem all bad. Maybe they had envied there power. Whatever the reason was, the Darkdwellers were gone now… and there was nothing anyone could to about it.

You feel it too?” Demi hissed from behind Katanya.

Feel what? What are you talking about?”

You really are the perfect one…” Demi mumbled, “That the Darkdwellers are-were-not as evil as everyone seems.”

No, I don’t think that.” Katanya nervously chuckled, “The elders always tell the truth, and Mr. Orkle is practically an elder.”

If that’s really what you would like to trick yourself into believing, then be my guest.”

Demi turned, then walked swiftly down the hall, ‘She has no idea what’s in store for her…’


The End

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