The Demons Angel

(this is a preview of what is coming =] lol x)

He ran, she sat silently watching. He was unaware of everything that she was.
Her eyes filled with white, pupils rolled back into her mind, as it fell below into different world...
"How many times must i tell you, do not wake me!" The great Devil boomed at his son.
"Im sorry father-my lord-but one has escaped."
She had always dreaded this day, the day it happened, the day it would confirm them never to be, the day he mets her.

(AN: May seem boring now... but it gets better! So please read on! x)




What must I do to stop this from happening?” I asked the angel, who’s face had not changed.

You must fight with us. Fight for your rights, no matter what the consequences may be. It was fair… All of it really wasn’t fair…”

Well give me weapons, give me armour! I will fight!”

The clouds opened, to reveal a shirtless male with large tattoos over his body and a deep scar over his right eye.

Who is this?” he asked, and looked at me with a veil face.

This is Janeil Afardon. Second in command to the Ruler of Darkness.” The angel announced.

A Darkdweller? And you’re socialising with it? Come now Jewelem, dispose of this…filth.

Filth! Your one to talk!” I snapped at the rude… handsome… angel.

I bared my teeth and let out a loud roar, which echoed through the walls of the canyon.

Scar-face’ flapped his mighty white wings and flew beside me, to whisper, “If your really looking to join us, think again. This is no war for you! Once your kind will realise what you have done, they will eat you alive! Why would you even want to be with us? This is not supposed to be the way.”

I’m… not what you think I am… Well my father rules the Kingdom of Darkness. He… murdered my mother. Before I even met her…”

Why would… Why would a Darkking murder his beloved…?”

You must know…” I stood, straight and tall, and pronounced, “I am Janeil Afardon. Daughter if the Darkking Lazfian, and… My mother was Katanya Eslin- the Lady of Light.”

The lady of… Jewelem, you can’t honestly believe-”

Silence Marco! Janeil, show him!”

I nodded, and unhooked my dark, hooded shawl. Leaving me merely in a plain singlet.

What is making her-”

His words did not go any further, as he watched me stretch my wings apart in front of he, and Jewelem.

Like her mother before her, she is the only Immortal with golden wings. Is that proof enough for you, Marco?”

My lady, she is… she is still…” He’s voice trailed off, then he shouted, “Look at her eyes! For god’s sake, look at her mouth! She doesn’t belong with us, and defiantly not in the heavens. She has death, and destruction running in her veins!”

Is that all I have in my veins? Have you or have you not forgotten who my Mother is? I can heal, just like her. But I can not only heal the wounded, I can also wound the Darkdweller who hurt them! That is really the only thing I can thank my father for. For giving me the strength and power to kill him!”

Marco thought, then turned to Jewelem.

Maybe… she can be of use.”

Thankyou! I will not disappoint.”

Before I could leave for the gates of heaven, he grabbed my shoulder.

This better not be a trick. You better not lead them to us!”

I hate my Father more than life itself. And I don’t give a damn what you think. I’ve been the most wounded of all… Now out of my way!”


The End

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