The Demon WithinMature


“Vampires, L? Bad crowd, man. Damned.” Quill commented, his back pressed to mine, guns drawn and smoking. “Shut the fuck up. That’s not even a tasteful joke.” I snarled, shooting ones head clean off. He got up again. “Besides; these are zombies. You need a bazooka to pick these fuckers off.” I hissed, flashing teeth at one that got too close. It backed away slowly. “That-” He shot one in the kneecap, “-is a goddamn revenant. Zombies don’t react to teeth that way.” He retorted, and I shrugged. “Big fucking difference.” I muttered, taking one out. “Hey, that one stayed down!” I rejoiced, and I could feel his eyes rolling. “And how many are here?” He asked with real annoyance. “Hey, you taken any down?” I griped, foul mood reinstating itself. “Two.” he answered smugly, and I growled. “Just shut up and shoot. You’re just the backup anyway.” I far underestimated his skill, an intentional insult. He muttered under his breath, but didn’t talk anymore.

Once they had scattered to the far reaches of the building, he started going over the bodies. “Well, they may be revenants, but a vampire’s responsible.” He stated. “Thank you, master of the obvious. Vamps are the only thing that can create a revenant. Voodoo creates zombies.” I figured if he could state the obvious, I could too. He glared at me but said nothing. “I suppose you know them all, don’t you?” He retorted icily after a while, and I snorted. “Name’s Lucifer, ain’t it?” I answered, and he laughed. “Yeah, I guess. I like to think of you as just L; sometimes I forget what your actual name is.” He uttered, and I shrugged. “I’m past my dear crack-head mother and her idea of a joke.” I answered, reloading my gun. “Suppose I’ve sent enough things to see him, though. Funny; I wonder when I’ll head his way. Probably got demons lined up for a crack at my ass.” I joked, but Quill didn’t laugh. “Not funny, man. Nothing can kill you; you’re an abnormal now. Figured out how to deal with that?” He asked scathingly, but I just shrugged. “It takes getting used to. But I’ll deal. I always do.” But that was the closest I had come to that line between sanity and the loony bin. “Yeah. You always do.” He agreed, and that effectively ended the conversation. Luce, come to me; embrace the dark…you want to…I shook my head. “Get out of my head.” I muttered, pressing my gun to my head in an attempt to clear it. I looked up to see Quill staring fearfully at me. “You okay? They told me-”

“I don’t give a fuck what they told you. I’m fine.”

“But, L-”

“But nothing. Let’s go.”

He followed me ruefully, still unsure about my capabilities. “Don’t worry about it.” I ordered. I hadn’t told anyone about the voice; it was in my head, whether or not I wanted it there. I knew who it was, too. He would help me if I let him out at the right moment, but now was not that time. He knew the score, but he was a talkative little shit. He just loved to try to convince me to go to the ‘dark side;’ like some kind of mental Darth Vader. He wasn’t all bad though. Some things I could almost agree with him on. Well, more than almost. Unfortunately, Quill caught shit that lab rats just didn’t. He was sensitive to things like me, and he knew when it was close to breaking though. Which with me, was just about every moment of every day. I was never very good at self-control; Quill knew that too. The problem was, he just knew me too damn well, had worked with me too long. I needed a new partner; one who wasn’t quite so attuned to my every move; hell, every twitch. “At least you didn’t end up as one of these fuckers.”

We cleaned out the place, but revenants were like cockroaches; where there were ten, there were ten thousand elsewhere. We returned to base, and Delwyn met me at my room just as I was unloading all of my weapons. “L, I think I should assign a new partner. Quill is just getting way too jumpy around you; you haven’t lost control yet, but every time you get pissed, he nearly leaps out of his skin. I’ve got another person in mind…” A feeling of dread put a pit in my stomach at that pause. “It’s a girl.” I sighed in relief. “Is that all? God, Delwyn, you need to get over your sexist attitude. It’s just a chick; if she can kick ass, I’ll work with her.” I admonished, and he grumbled. “Yeah. Anyway, you’ve got a new job. Some big shot over in Ireland needs to be taken out of the picture; something about funding terrorism. Just get over there, kill this bastard, and come back. Your new partner will meet you at the Dublin airport.” I nodded, and then gave him a pointed look. “What?” He asked, and I glanced toward the unassuming mini-fridge in the corner of the room. “I’m hungry.” I told him, my voice heavy with unsaid meaning. “Oh. Okay. Here’s your tickets for the plane; um…Yeah. See ya.” He made his escape, and I went to the little white fridge o’ Satan.

I was on the government funded plane at nine the next evening, drinking my fill on the way there. I got many a glare from my chauffer, until I finally caught his eye. “you got somthin’ to say?” I asked, and he jerked his face back to look at the road. He didn’t dare stare again.

I landed in the Dublin airport at around six a.m.; that was cutting it close. I made it into the terminal while it was still dark, pushing on super-human speed.

I saw a young woman, clad in all black. Most would think her just a gothic twenty-year-old; I could see the outline of a gun under her jacket. “Are you L?” She asked without pleasantries, and I nodded hurriedly. “Yeah; now we gotta go.” I rushed past her, gabbing my bag off of the conveyor belt before she could ask what the rush was. “The sun; now we really have to leave!” I hissed, eyes already growing heavy. I swallowed thickly, and the first ray of light flashed over the mountains. I glanced at it, cussing vividly. “Come on!” I pushed her out the door. A black van was already waiting. I jumped in the back like a bullet, and she climbed in with an agonizingly slow step. I slammed the doors shut, burning my hand in the process. “This is why I don’t fucking fly!” I exclaimed, shaking my hand and jumping around. “I asked Delwyn if I could just ride in my coffin, but no, I am a government agent and therefore must ride with the other agents. God damn it!” I ranted, my hand already healed, but stinging. “They paired me a vamp?” She screeched, and I jumped. After one look at her face, I started glaring. “Yeah, and they paired me with a Hunter. Get over it.” I snarled, sitting down and looking under my seat. There was my bag; I dug through it, found what I wanted, and then glanced at her. “You should move up front.” I ordered, and she crossed her arms obstinately. “Why, vamp boy? Gonna get angry and kill me?” She asked scornfully, and I gave her a patient look. “No, but I don’t like people to see me feed.” I answered, letting her see the little clear water bottle of blood. “I’m not going anywhere.” She refused again, and I shrugged. “Fine. Suite yourself.” I said, unscrewing the lid and taking a small sip.

I shuddered; it was chicken blood, my least favorite. “Damn it, Quill.” I muttered; he had been really angry when I was reassigned away from him. He must have been the one to pack my supplies; but damn it, he knew chicken didn’t satisfy my thirst completely. On second thought, he probably didn’t; he was too careful to give me the most filling blood he could find. “Or maybe the cheap bastards at the storage facility.” I rethought, and found that the girl was staring at me. “Quill?” She asked, and I shrugged. “My old partner; he usually arranges my stuff when I go solo or with him. But the more I think, the more I’m sure it wasn’t him. He knows chicken doesn’t do anything for the thirst but postpone it for a few hours.” I explained distastefully. “When were you changed?” She asked abruptly, and I shrugged. “Oh, must be about…six months ago, now. Took me a while to deal; I was a Hunter before.” I muttered, and her eyes were sympathetic for a moment before going steely again. “I would have killed myself.” She muttered, and I smiled grimly. “Tried. Many times.” I responded, and she gave me a hard stare. “Oh.” She didn’t talk anymore after that. When we pulled into the hotel garage, I sighed. “I hate this part.” I said, and she gave me an involuntarily curious stare. I inhaled, held my breath and launched out of the car. She followed as fast as she could, but I still beat her to the room. I exhaled in relief when she shut the door. “What was that all about?” She inquired. I breathed deeply for a few moments. “I have never had the self-control that I would like; now it’s deadly to really nice people who just happen to smell really yummy.” I breathed, and she threw her nose in the air. “I could kill you, you know.” She informed me snottily, and I laughed out loud. “Oh yes, princess; I’m sure you’re just the most bad-ass thing to hit the night.” I heaved with laughter. “My name is Eleri.” She enlightened me, and I pressed my lips together. “Good to know.” I smiled, and she sniffed. “What’s your name, L?” She queried. I grinned. “Oh, the irony of my name. It’s Lucifer.” I said, and she laughed before she could think. “Really?” She tried to straighten her face. “Really, I shit you not.” I laughed with her.

She cleared her throat. “You are a vampire.” She informed me strongly. “So?” I answered, and she blinked. “What do you mean, so?” She yelped, and I shook my head. “Other than the bloodlust and the super-speed and -strength, I don’t feel any different than when I was human. I’m a little more dangerous when I’m angry, but I still hate my mom and love my sister. I still feel things. I never thought that vamps had emotions, but…” I shrugged, rubbing the back of my neck self-consciously. “You mean, you do feel things? I always thought it was just a ploy for mercy.” She said in awe, and I shook my head. “Yeah, well, join the club. I had to rethink a bunch of my kills after I realized it. Decide if I really was a murderer. But I was killing killers; it’s not the same.” I iterated my most frequent thoughts. “So, do I smell good?” She asked, trying for a lighter topic. “I’ve been trying very hard not to notice, honestly.” I answered, looking at her through my eyelashes. “Oh. Wanna see?” She asked mischievously, and I grinned. “If you want.” I responded cautiously. “Well, why not?” She shrugged. “Okay. You asked for it; get that gun out.” I ordered sternly; she had relaxed when I had agreed. “Oh, right.” She pulled it out, clicking the safety off. “Hit me in the kneecap, if you must; I don’t like to heal for too long.” I requested, and she nodded in an impatient way. I took a slack, relaxed position, and then inhaled deeply.

I was so not as prepared as I thought I was.

I was behind her in an instant, my arms around her a gentle presence. She shrieked, and I clapped my hand against her mouth. “Quiet, I’m not going to bite you.” I breathed in her ear, moving my arm back to it’s original position around her midsection. She didn’t speak, and didn’t move. I pressed my nose to her hair, and then her skin. She shuddered at the coolness of my touch, but I got the feeling it wasn’t from fear. My arms tightened around her experimentally, and she leaned into me a hair. I released her, not breathing even the slight breaths I usually did.

I was across the room in a lightning quick movement, hand rubbing over my face roughly. She stumbled backward, dazed, and then shook her head to clear it. “I am so sorry; I should have known better…” I apologized, and she didn’t say anything for a moment. “So I smell good, then?” She smiled weakly, and I chuckled. “How did you get that impression?” I teased lightly, and she stood a little straighter. “How did you manage to break free? I mean, you said that your self control isn’t that great…” She trailed off, and I blinked. “Um… I think I held my breath. I don’t like to hurt people, and I sure as hell don’t take unwilling donors. Plus… I like you. I don’t want to hurt you.” I wasn’t thinking right; she was a Hunter. I should be on my guard at all times around someone like her. kill the Hunter; you can finish this mission without her; no one will ever know what you did… My demon whispered, and I dug my nails into my hand until it bled on the carpet. This was one thing we disagreed on. “I won’t.” I muttered to it, and it giggled like a child before going silent again. “Are you okay?” She asked, and I nodded while clearing my throat. “Yeah. I may still feel, but he is giddy with the hunt.” She took a step back. “He?” She asked fearfully, and I gulped. “When a vampire is changed, he gets a sort of…demon, in his head. It can whisper, yell, or do anything you can, but no one else can hear him. Just the vampire. It’s how killer vamps feed; they let him out. It’s what I do when I fight. You let him out, there isn’t a single live enemy within a mile radius.” She shuddered with fear this time, but came closer. “So… You can control him?” She was suspicious; I understood. I would be too. “Barely. That’s why I worry about my self control.” I responded. “Oh. I suppose I understand.” She was thoughtful, and I went to the door when I heard the footsteps stop outside of it. I opened it before they could knock, and they grunted as they put my coffin in the middle of the room. “Thanks.” I tipped them generously, and they left without another word.

My coffin was a really pretty thing, with inlaid mother of pearl and carvings out of mahogany wood. “A little gaudy, don’t you think?” Eleri commented blandly, and I had the good mind to look sheepish. “Well, it’s a long story really-”

“you thought it was pretty.”


The End

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