The Demon of the Night

A man haunted by fear

It was midnight, and over a small village the night sky was filled with the silver glow of the moon piecing a thin lay of cloud like a funeral veil. Everything was still, silent, apart from the sounds of distance farm dogs barking into the darkness. Sitting in a arm chair smoking and staring out into the abyss was an old man. His face beared the marks and scars of 70 years worth of toil and strife. His body was frail which was clearly seen by how his hand shook when me took a puff from the cigarette. Suddenly from the far end of the room a grandfather clock struck midnight filling the house with a haunting eeky sound of gears and bells. He sighed, leaning even further back into his chair. '3 nights no sleep, I can't keep fighting it.' he muttered. 'I have been fighting my whole life, I guess you can't out run the demons forever.' and with that closed his eyes.

The house was once again filled with sounds of gears and bells. Cracking open his eye the man saw it was now 2am. Then something flew through the open gap in the window. Suddenly jumping straight out of his chair in pure fright the old man's eyes shot around the room. Something was moving in the shadows above him. Fluttering, darting, twisting and turning like an evil spirit only found in a nightmares. Turning pale as the moon light he started stumbling backwards, blindy reached out into the nothingness for something to hold on to. Unable to see what it was that terrorifed him he begain to shout in a worn out voice 'GO AWAY YOU DEMON! LEAVE ME BE!!'. Then suddenly to his horror it shot past his face almost touching his cheek. 'LEAVE ME! I WILL DIE IN MY OWN TIME! PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!!.' Spinning in circles trying to make sense of what was happening it came to his attention that nothing was moving. Once again the house was full of silence. 


Slowly the old man collected himself, shaking and breathless from the excitment he went back to his arm chair where he colapsed. 'What, what the... Urgh...' The shock was what just happened was clear to see on his face. Then he heard it... It weird high pitched sound, which turned blood to ice in his veils. Realising that the demon hadn't left but was still in the room, watching, stalking, waiting. Suddenly something moved within the room and so the man turned in the chair forcing it to fall backwards followed by a bang that could wake the dead. Once again silence... 'You've have defeated me demon... You win... You win...' As he looked up to the window above him he saw something fly toward the night. It was small, black bat, a harmless little bat. It had flown into the room while chasing insects. The man smiled as he closed his eyes for the final time. 'You win demon, I will not run no more.' 

The End

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