The Demon Apprentice- A House Guest UnwelcomedMature


Chapter 2


A huge, ugly, red, face pops out of the door and I fall back. I notice then that it's also oozing green goo. The face is ripped away from the doorway as I sit there shaking and thinking, Shit what was that! I then regain a part of my senses and hear Jennifer screaming at me.

"RUN!!" I look up and see her standing there. She turns around and a bright yellow flash appears. She jumps back and shuts the door turns around and picks me up with one hand. I finally get all of my sense of feeling back and noticed that's she's cold and not warm. She burst through the door with me in her arms and sets me down on the front lawn. In the distance I hear sirens. She runs back in and I hear another devilish cry and then nothing. I stand up and run back in to see what's going on. Big mistake.

As soon as I get to her door and see inside the doorway, I notice blood everywhere. I run in and find her on the ground and a pile of ash on the floor a few yards away from her. I start to shake her.

Her eyes flutter open. As soon as she sees me she sits up. I try to tell her to lie back down but my throat is to dry to do so. She says something before I can." Are the cops coming?" All I could do is nod and she jumps up. "Damn it." She goes to her closet and gets a glove on and places her palm everywhere. She quickly walks by me and kicks me in the temple almost knocking me out." Wow your tough." She kicks me again and the last thing I see is the glove touching my body.

I wake up in the back of an ambulance, my parents watching me from the doors. I hear my mom exclaim, "Oh thank god!"

I try to sit up but a nurse keeps me lying down. "You need to rest, alright." So I stay down and tilt my head.

"Where's Jennifer?" I ask remembering what happened.

"She's in another ambulance, Hun. Don't worry she's fine." The nurse reassures me.

"I need to speak to her." I say in an urgent tone.

Doug hearing me complain asks, "What do you want me to tell her."

"You can't know. I need to talk to her."

"I'm sorry Hun but you can't." The nurse says. "You need to rest first."

Right then I feel this urge to get up and run out the door. Normally I wont do stuff like that but this time was important so I followed my gut and bolted out the door and turned right. I ran to the next ambulance and hopped in and seeing no one except Jennifer was in there. I shut the doors behind me.

"Wow you are tough. I thought it would be an hour before you woke."

"What the hell was that?!?" I screamed at her not even thinking.

"Please don't yell someone might hear you." That's her reply?!

"How can I do that?"

"Just like you just did."

"You still haven't answered my question."

"That's because I don't want to. Well not right now."

"Then at least tell me why you knocked me out!"

"My story would be more convincing. If you weren't then I would be in a police car right now."

"That hurt." Behind me banging on the door started. I can hear my mom yelling for me to come out.

"We can talk later when we have privacy, just not right now."

The nurse opens the door with a key. "Are you alright."

"Yes, I'm fine." I said right away and jumped out of the car. An officer walks up to me. His tag reads Officer Thoman.

"Well he looks alright now so I'm going to talk to him alright."

"No I'm not ready." I said thinking of what Jennifer said about her story.

"Yes we need to know what happen."

"Fine I heard some banging up stairs while I was reading and went to investigate. When I got up there, I opened the door and was knocked out as I stepped in. The only thing I saw was a mask and blood."

The officer was writing all of this in a notebook. "What did the mask look like?"

"It was weird, some kind of monster. I can't describe it."

"Fine. Is that all you remember?"

"Yes. Now can I go grab something in the house?"

"Fine just let me follow you and make sure you don't touch any evidence."

"Alright fine." I walk into the house with Officer Thoman tagging behind me. I go down in my room and grab some clothes and my lab top where I keep my own e-journal, where I keep everything I do in it.

"Is that all?" Officer Thoman asks.


"Good now lets go."

"Wait I want to grab a book."

"Well then grab one."

"Umm ok." I walk upstairs and was about to enter Jennifer's room when Thoman stops me.

"Woo there. What are you doing?"

"I'm grabbing a book." I take another step but he stops me.

"You can't go in there."

"Fine can you grab a book in there for me?"

"Fine. What is it called?" He said taking a step into the room. For the first time I noticed that the room has no blood in it like last night. "What is it called?"

"Oh sorry. ‘The Types of Demons and Their Weakness.'"

"O...k." He walks over to a crate and grabs the book and hands it to me.

"Thank you."

"Yeah now get going I might get in trouble for that." Listening to him I bound down the stairs and into the ambulance to find Jennifer and hand her her book.

She looks at it and takes it. "Why did you do that?"

"I thought it would provide some comfort. I know it does for me."

"Well thank you."

"Hey mom, Doug, can you leave us I need to speak to her."

"Come on Carla." Doug says being nice to me since I've been through a lot lately


 They walk to some chairs that were put out and sat down.

I close the doors and sit on a bench across from her. "Now can you please explain last night now?"

"Fine." She opens the book to a page with the corner folded over and shows me a picture. It was a picture of the creature or monster or whatever that thing was. A word was printed above of it and it said ‘A Troegtich.' A paragraph about it was next to it but she shut the book before I could read it. "That demon came to me for food and Sonny was up there so he ate him. I grab-"

"What!?!" I scream out almost crying.

"Yes, I'm sorry I tried to stop it." She says with a little sympathy. "That's when I grabbed my sword and started to fight it. That's probably when you heard the bangs and started up the stairs. I had cut its leg when you knocked, so it lunched at me and tackled me. That's when you opened the door and it tried to get out. Now I knew if it got out after the noise it made then it would be a total mess, so I grabbed it and told you to run. You just sat there and I should have known that would be your reaction to him so I stunned him with a spell and grabbed you and took you outside. I ran back inside before the spell wore off and stabbed it in his head, but before he died he hit me on the head and I got knocked out. That's when you ran up and woke me. I asked you if cops were on their way and I knocked you out and put prints of a dead guy I use to know everywhere."

"So the cops are misled?" That's explains the glove. "What was the blood and ash from?" John says

"The demon. That's why they are not there anymore."

"So if a demon leaves a trace then it disappears if it dies?"

"That's about it."

"So wait-." A knock on the door cuts me short so I open it. A police officer is standing there.

"I need a word with Miss Demonie."

"Alright." I jump out of the ambulance.

"We'll talk later alright."

"Ok." I leave them alone and go sit with my parents. The first thing I do is open my lab top and start writing the days events to where I don't give to much info until all of this is over with and just for comfort reasons.

"What are you doing?" Doug asks trying to read it.

I tilt the screen so he can't see it. "I'm typing."

"What are you typing?" he presses on.

"Stuff alright." I get up and walk away. I hear my mom say something about doing that but I didn't catch all of it. Sean hearing what happened comes over since he just lives down the street.

"Hey John! Tell these cops that I can come in."

I look up and see a cop holding him back and looking at me. I wave him in and the cop lets him go.

"Thanks. So how's it going?"

"Well let's see" I pause for a second. "Everything!"

"Geeze."Sean says looking at all the cops and the ambulances amused. "So, what happened? The news says that a robber broke in and tried to rape Jennifer and steal stuff. Apparently you scared him off."

"Oh yeah. I heard a bang upstairs and I went to investigate. I went upstairs hear Jen scream and I opened the door. The robber was standing over her and I yelled ‘Stop!' He turned around and saw me. He then kicked me and punched me in the temple. I was knocked out for the rest."

"Ouch. You ok? Cause you have some dried blood in your hair."

"Yeah I'm fine. It didn't hurt that bad to be honest." I said shrugging it off like it was nothing.

"You sure? Cause I remember this one time when-"

"Yeah, shut up. I remember that to but you don't need to bring that up." I say cutting Sean off quick so he doesn't finish the story. I look around at the spectators to see who all was here. I see some familiar faces, like Mrs. Haberbush from next door, or The Ganghers from across the street, but other then that, the other people were complete strangers looking for something to fill their boring Thursday night with something out of the ordinary. I continue walking around as Sean follows me.

"So, have you talked to Jen yet? Is she OK?"

"Yeah she's fine. Not even scratched. She's lucky. The cops say if I didn't yell stop, she would have been raped or injured."

"Oh wow. What about your parents?"

I turn to look at them as they sit there worrying about the house more then their child. "Oh they'll be fine. Insurance is paying for the damages and they will probably get an alarm system now. Though it'll be a cheap one and it'll be awhile before they trust me with the code."

"Yeah, I know. They don't trust you or think you're responsible."

"Well it's mainly my step dad. He more worried about his little princess. No matter what I do, I can't compare to her." I look around and sit down under a tree. I look up at Sean, "Hey do you think I can get a moment to myself?"

Sean looks down on me and I can see in his eyes that he is trying to hide him worrying about me but nods and walks off. I sit under the tree finally alone and breathe deeply. I replay the real events of last night in my head. A lot has happened in such a small time. I try to keep the fear off my face so no one asks me what's wrong. I lean back against the tree and close my eyes. I feel a tap at my knee and reopen them. The police are cleaning up and Jen is standing over me tapping me with her foot. She reaches her hand down to help me up. I grab her soft skin but tight grip and pull myself up. I rub my eyes and stretch. "I must have fallen asleep."

She nods and grabs my hand and drags me inside and up to her room, all the while blushing because she's holding my hand. She sits me on her bed and sits next to me and sees me blushing. "Why are you blushing?" I make myself stop blushing and shrug. "Well anyhow, now that we are by ourselves, we can discuss what happened properly. But first off," She kisses my cheek and I start blushing again. "Thank you for coming in when you did. If you didn't I wouldn't be here right now and you would be dead too."

I smile as I blush. "No problem. It was more of an accident then anything."

"Well what ever it was, it saved my live. But now, what you saw last night was a demon." She says bringing out the book I got her earlier. She turns it to the page with the exact demon on the page. She turns the book to me and shows me the picture so I can see it and I shudder seeing it inches to my face again. "You did well keeping calm and collect. I'm glad you didn't tell what you really did see." She says as the book float out of her hands and onto the shelf. "And yes, that was magic just then and last night."

"I kind of guessed that but I have a question. Can I learn that? Can you teach me?" I said as I watch the book amazed that its doing that.

"That would be your choice, but we would have to train you first. But not now. There are too many things for us to do. We need to keep everyone believing that it was a attempt at rape and robbery."

The End

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