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The Demon Apprentice: A House Guest Welcomed- To a Point


Chapter 1

The day stared as everyday. A hard time waking up. Taking care of the dogs, Bailey, a black lab, Chloe, a fox terrier mix and Sunny, a schnoodle, and getting to school before the 5 minute bell rings. A boring day at school, like normal. I had Spanish first with Miss Poeger; she is a pretty cool teacher. She jokes around and is one of those teachers that catch the dirty stuff before the kids and laugh. She's considered the hot teacher of the school. She has Blondish-brown hair and brown eyes. She has an average height and weight, but she never gets hit on because she is a tough woman. Then I had English with Mrs. Doxman. She is an O.K. teacher. She has her fun moments, then the ‘I'm teaching let's get to work' moments. She has light brown hair and is always smiling. After I had a study hall, where we have to sit and be quiet. Mrs. King watches us. She's really strict some days. She just got divorced with her ex husband and gets really mean on random days. So we learn to just leave her be when we can. Then was lunch, were I had fun with all of my friends. My friends are the weird kind. They are the funny ones but are made fun of a lot. O.K., so am I, but not as much. I have some other ‘acquaintances' that make sure of that. We talk about the weirdest things and the geekiest ones too. After lunch I finish the day with science with Mr. Thomason. He gives us slack. He understands that we are the last class of the day and we just want to get out of there. He normally lets us talk at the end so we behave. My best friend Nate is in there. He is really tall, standing up to 6' 1".  Then I normally walk home and do my chores.

My house is a fairly big one. We have five bathrooms, an office, a playroom, three bedrooms and a finished basement, which acts as my bedroom. We have a fenced in back yard and a large front yard. After cleaning up, I sit down and watch my favorite show, House, till my step dad, Doug, comes home. Now he is a big guy. He weighs around 285 lbs and he stands at 6'. He always has his hair cut short.

Now he can be unpredictable sometimes depending on his day at work. If it was a hard day he comes home mad, if not has nice. Now when the day went smoothly and was relaxing, he's at his best. Today he came home and was in a mild mood. He talked to my mom in her office, who works at home as a transcriptionist. My mom is always working. She never stops to just relax. She normally sits down when she is with my sister. Now my mom normally has a shade of red as her hair. Right now it's Irish red. My mom sounded happy after a few minutes in the conversation. They soon walked out together and sat around me. My step dad turns off the T.V. and turns toward me.

"Now, John, you may be uncomfortable about this news but I and your mom have decided it's for the best," Doug said.

"It will give us more money to use to our disposal." my mom says with a slight of guilt in her voice.

"We have rented out the spare room upstairs."

"What!"I screamed.

"Now calm down," Doug says moving his hands in a downward direction." She won't be here till tomorrow."

"She?!?" I look at my mom dumbfounded.

"Yeah I thought that would worry you the most." He says.

"Worry! A strange woman is going to live in our house! There will be almost no privacy!" I say putting emphasis on "privacy."

"You live in the basement. What do you care?"

"All of it!" I say finally calming down a bit." First off unless she is having her own refrigerator up there and keep her food then how are we going to keep that straight?"

"Well you'll have to work on that, alright."

"Fine. What about ......." I pause trying to think of something else.

"You have nothing else to worry about do you?"

"Alright you got me there. So what?"

"It means that you will get used to her being around trust me." That was a statement I never wanted to become true.

The next day at school I told all my friends during lunch what my parents did.

"What? That's absurd. How can they do that?" Nate says.

"Is she hot?" Sean says.

"I agree with you Nate and I haven't seen her yet so don't ask that....ever."

"Aw come on. At least get me a picture."

"Fine if it will make you leave me alone then O.K." I finished my lunch and went to class.

Today's subject in science was on atoms. I start to randomly draw pictures on my notes as he drones on about how the atom works. I start to wonder what Jennifer would look like and what she would be like. Right then the bell rang.  I went to my locker and goofed around with my friends and walked home. As soon as I was in sight of my house, I saw a strange car in our drive way. It had a few essentials in it but not much. A surprisingly hot, tall, slightly built, 20-year-old woman with brown hair and eyes walks out of the house and gets some more stuff. I see that she is having some trouble with a dresser so I go and help her.

"Here let me help."

"Oh thank you. You must be John. I'm Jenifer."

"Nice to meet you," We take the dresser up to the spare room. "Anything else you need help with."

"Well I got a lot of books if you want to carry those."

"Oh really? What kind of books?" To most people, I'm a book fanatic. Everywhere I go I have a book with at least 100 pages.

"Oh some on magic but mostly demons."

"Oh wow my favorite subjects. So of course they are fiction so what's the story line to your favorite one." I said to her as we walk back outside.

"Fiction? What do you mean? It's all real." At that I get my second conclusion on her. First she was alright, now she was crazy.

"Oh ok. Well is it good?" I thought to keep this conversation short so we don't get on the wrong side of each other to quickly.

"Yeah. It has a description of every demon known to man."

"Cool." The book must not exist then since mankind doesn't know any. That's where I ended the conversation. I took the crate up to her room and placed it on her bed. I caught a glimpse of the titles of some of the books and they were weird. They said 'The World of Magic and You', 'How to Use the Magic in you', 'How to Kill a Demon', 'The Type of Demons and Their Weaknesses'. "Well anything else you need help with?' I ask her.

She comes in carrying four draws filled with cloths and sets them down." Nope that is it. Thanks a lot."

"No problem." I walk down the stairs wondering how she carried up all of those drawers by herself since they must be really heavy. I then start my chores. Afterwards I go to my room in the basement and play my Xbox 360. I am a gamer fanatic. I play a lot of games.

The next day I wake up, remember its Thursday and become depressed because I have a few more days of school for the week. I get dressed and wait for Doug to get dressed and take me to school as he goes to work. I enter the school doors and find my friends in the band room. This is where my friends and I have the most fun in school. If a teacher saw what we did in there we would be in so much trouble. There is no telling what we would do in there. It was, in the simplest term, fun chaos.

 "John!" Sean yells and almost tackles me but I sidestep and he runs into the locker behind me. I start to laugh.

"Hi to you too." I say, chuckling.

"So how was your first night for the intruder?" Nate says. Now Nate is the tallest of us all. He has dirty blond hair. He does nothing but play video games.

"Oh she was ok. I, on the other hand, was hiding the whole night. She thinks demons are real. Can you believe that?"

"Wait what?"

"Demons?" Mike asks. He is the more relaxed type. He is the one that stands to the side, comments on a few things and has fun.

"Yeah demons. She has a ton of books on them but I never really read them. I may look at them to see how serious it is, but other than that she's just crazy."

"Yeah I would say." Sean says lightly punching my arm. "So is she hot?"

"You know what Sean, why don't you come over sometime and see for yourself, because I'm not answering that." I say, glaring at Sean. The bell rings and we scramble for our stuff and go to class.

I get to Miss Poeger's class and I sit down. As I sit down, Ashley walks over to talk. She's a small little thing, but cute. That's why everyone calls her Tink, after Tinker Bell. She stands up to be 5' 2", and have blonde hair, almost white sometimes. She's normally pale to the touch.

"Hey John, what's up?"

"A lot. My parents had a stranger come rent out a room in our house. She believes in demons."

"Umm, ok? That's weird. She tell you this herself? Or did you just pick that up?"

"She pretty much told me herself. She has fiction books on them."

"Wow. Did she move in?"

"Yeah, yesterday. I had to help her move in."

Miss Poeger starts to write the morning exercise on the board. Tink and I watch her for a bit then Ashley starts again. "So did you get to know her?

I look at her in disbelieve. "Do you think I'm that kind of person? You should know me by now. I probably won't talk to her for weeks."

Tink giggles a bit. "True. You are the shy type. But aren't we all?" The bell rings and she goes back across the room to her seat as I get my notes and pencil out. I start doing the exercise as Miss Poeger begins to talk.

I go through the class that day thinking nothing about Spanish one bit. I think about what I books I saw in Jen's collection. I decide that I should ask her tomorrow night if I can borrow one, and if she doesn't let me I will just sneak one for a night or two.

The bell rings and I gather my stuff and head to English with Mrs. Doxman. She starts the day like normal. She jokes around starts a random conversation with the whole class then we go and read something that she chooses. I am one of the first three to finish and we sit back. I grab my own book that I've been reading for a week now and listen to my IPod till the class ends. I stop by my locker that I share with my friend Nate and he begins the "day's discussion" with a question directed to me.

"So what do you think about ‘demons'? Are they real? Or do they belong in a fairy tale?"

I stare at him then smile. "If demons were in fair tales then I don't think it would be that happy of a story. Don't you think?"

"You know what I mean, dipshit!" He says laughing

"To be honest, I really don't know yet. I mean no one has proven them to be ‘unreal', and no one has proven them to be real, at the same time."

"That's a good point. In my opinion, I think they are just stories made up to scare children.  I mean, if they were real then our lives would be a lot more difficult, don't you think? I mean, wouldn't they wreak havoc almost everyday, correct? We wouldn't be here if demons were real."

I gather my stuff, "Your right. The school would be shut down by know and we would be carrying around guns to protect us from them, if we even had a chance." I start walking to my next class as he follows.

"We wouldn't even be here alive if they were real." He turns down a hallway waving.

I think about what he said. Would we be alive? I mean we advanced so much. But that's also because nothing we threatening to destroy our existence. If they were real then we would most likely of never made TV's, or computers. We would be trying to make new ways to protect ourselves from the danger. I get to the room and sit in my seat setting my books off to the side. I get my book and my IPod out and start to read while I listen to my music. When the bell rings I head to lunch. I grab my drink and a French bread pizza and head to my table. A few people look at me, look away when I meet their eyes, then they look back at me when I pass them. I don't know why but guys here hate me, and girls love me. I sit down and my friends are already discussing something else so I just put in my ear buds and listen to music till lunch is over. I head back to study hall and begin reading again. The final bell for that period rings and I head off to Mr. Thomason's class. I get there before Nate so I try to think of what he said before we parted. He then comes in as I remember what he said.

"You know, I have to disagree with you. I think we would live if they were real. I mean look at what we advanced to with out them. I think we could make weapons easily to kill them."

"True, though it wouldn't be as advanced as they would be now because we would be busy trying to defend ourselves." Nate says nodding.

Mr. Thomason walks in the room and hears what we talking about. "So, what's today's topic for you two?" He says knowing that all day Nate and I have one topic, and we discuss it every chance we get.

I turn to him. "We are talking about if demons were real what the world would be like. This all started because my parents rented out a room and the person the rented it out has books upon books about them that she thinks are real." I say explaining my situation quickly.

"Ah I see. It seems like you guys might keep talking about this for a few days instead of just one day." Mr. Thomason says walking up to his desk and sitting down.

I look at Nate and chuckle. "He knows us way too much."

"Yes he does. Yes he does." Nate says laughing along with me. We both take our seats and Mr. Thomason starts teaching.

After the bell rings, I head to my locker and put my stuff in there. Normally I would go to the band locker room and see my friends, but I wanted to get home early today, so I put in my ear buds and turn my IPod on and walk out the front door and head home.

I enter through the front and head to my room. My mom is upstairs working and Jen is off doing something so I decide to watch T.V. in my room. I end up watching it till dinner is ready. I walk upstairs and sit at the table. Jenifer comes down the stairs and sits next to me. I look at her and nod a hello, and then I turn to my parents confused.

"Jenifer will join us for dinner every now and then, OK?" My step dad says.

I shrug my shoulder. As if I have a choice. I settle down and look to see what we are having. There is a bowl of salad in front of everyone. Doug brings in a bowl of spaghetti noodles and I realize we are having my least favorite dish, spaghetti and meatballs. I sigh, and dish my plate waiting for my parents to sit and pray. I really don't like praying because secretively to my family, I'm atheist. Once everyone is there and we pray we all eat silently. I turn to Jenifer, "So what do you do for a living, Jen? May I call you Jen?"

She looks up and finishes her bite nodding. "Yeah, that's fine with me." She says after swallowing. "I am currently looking for a job right now."

"Ah, seems like you're having fun already." I say trying to make the best of having her here.

She smiles. "I am. Now since you asked a question it's my turn." I shrug nodding her to go on. "How old are you? And what grade are you in?"

I nod to the side like its no big deal. "I'm currently seventeen and a junior in high school."

She looks at me in approval as if she needed to know these things for a job I was applying for. "Wow, getting up there is school aren't you? Two more years. What do you plan to do after school? Do you want to go to college?" She asks. She seems interested in my life, but I know it's all just an act and she could give a dime about it.

Even though I know this, I decide to be polite. "To be honest, I don't know what I'll do after high school. I plan to go to college but I don't know what for."

"Ah I see. Well if you need any help with any homework and your parents aren't able to, I'm always here if you want to come."

I nod my thanks and finish dinner. I put my dish on the counter as my step dad does the dishes. I head down stairs and grab my book. I come back up and sit in the arm chair in the family room. After awhile my parents yell from the back door, "OK John, we are leaving now. We're taking your sister to your grandmas."

I nod my head and yell my reply "OK."

Now my parents go out sometimes on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. My baby sister goes to my grandmas down the street sometimes to. I mostly take advantage of the alone time to read a book. This night is about assassins. The main character is about to jump and stab the hidden blade into the spine of his target when all of a sudden, I hear a loud bang upstairs. I never heard it before. It was like an explosion. Another bang. I decide to investigate. I walk upstairs and wander around the kitchen and the living room when I hear it again. I find out that it is coming from Jennifer's room. I go up the stairs and knock on her door. As I knock, I hear a devilish, high pitched scream and then a scream that sounds like Jennifer conjured it. I cover my ears at the noise that was coming out of her room. I think its some kind of music so I open the door cautiously.

The End

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