A Problem With Graphs

Brian entered the room, holding the thumb drive above his head where Jane couldn’t miss seeing it.

What would I do without him? she asked herself. Wish I had the power to give him a raise.

She gave him a you-just-saved-my-life look as he handed the thumb drive to her and quickly left the room.  Her hands were shaking as she fumbled around with the computer, trying to slot the drive into the right socket.  She finally managed to put it in, hurriedly pulling up the images she wanted and projecting them onto the screen behind her.

“This first one shows a bar graph,” Jane declared. She glanced back at the image and continued, “I’m sorry. This is not a bar graph. It is a pie chart … showing the percentages of the various …”

She paused and tried to figure out the phrase she wanted to use. After a few seconds, she continued, “... age groups that watch live TV during the prime time hours.”

You’re doing fine, she told herself, keep going.

“As you can see from this chart the majority of viewers during this period are in the 25 to 35 age bracket.”

One of the executives raised his hand. Jane paused and addressed him. “Actually that chart depicts the data for the mid morning hours when soap operas and talk shows are shown.”

Jane looked at the image again and apologized as she pressed a button on the laptop in front of her. “This is the pie chart to which I was referring.  And as you can see from the daytime chart, the age groups are very different from those that dominate prime time.”

“We know all of this,” an executive spoke up. “This trend has been around for a long time.”  

Jane’s eyes went wide. I didn’t expect objections so early.

The End

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