I Run This, I Think

Dylan walked in front of his bedroom mirror and looked at his reflection sharply. A slight pimple above his chestnut brown eyebrow shone a dull pink and his forehead was furrowed into a series of small wrinkles. He'd spent nearly fifteen minutes gelling his hair into a messy look, passing his fingers through the ends of his shaggy brown hair. Today he was receiving his first MVP award of his eleventh grade year from his football coach for their last game against some out-of-town school. 

He fully deserved this, he knew it. 

A car honked outside, drawing his attention to his window. Slowly, he walked over to his curtain and peeked through one of the slats. A beautiful girl with long blond hair appeared from the large house across the street. She wiggled her fingers at someone in a waiting red Mercedes before getting in enthusiastically. 

Dylan bit his lower lip before grabbing his bag off of his king-sized bed. He rushed past photographs of himself holding awards, trophies, and footballs. Before leaving his room though, he spotted something on his desk beside his iMac: an old photo of him and his best friend Charlie. His friend forever grinned in the picture that was taken a week before the car accident that eventually killed him. 

That was the week before he started his dirty habit. 

Dylan shook his head, pushing away any guilty ideas. He deserved this award today, no matter what his conscience said. 

If he only knew that today would be his last chance to repent for all his actions. 

The End

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