The Delicious Life of Popularity

Dylan hasn't always been the MVP material boy, at least not in his personal life. Sarah has a secret that not even her own best friends know about her family. Ashton loves her boyfriend, even though she's heard some rumours about him, and Bryce can't come to terms with his relation with Ashton, he's lying even to himself. How do I know all this? Well duh, I know everything about these four popular boys and girls. These things are so delicious that I can't help but share them with everyone else.

I bet I know something that you don't know...

When I was excluded from the cliques in Lader High School, I didn't say a peep but inside I was seething. Is this the way girls treat each other after they've revealed their juiciest of secrets? Is this how boys react when they find out a little too much about the girl they're so into? 

Well, apparently here they do. 

They shouldn't be too surprised then when they start feeling me everywhere--without knowing who I am. It's too bad really, since I wish they could see my glee when I tell every one of their little sordid secrets.

You'll be asking yourself, who is this girl who knows everything? Well, if you really want to know then you have to think of all the poor losers you shunned. But oops, I have a feeling that's going to take a long time since no one is safe from judgement.

Not even yourselves.

Who am I? Aha, you'll have to figure that out on your own, because I'm not telling.

Hugs 'n' Kisses,


The End

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